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Maple 12 software. Torrent uploaded by Zamzummin. NeoRAGEx new version 5.0 released by Snk-NeoFighters Team on March 06, 2006.

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Neo Geo Rage X 5.0 Roms Paradise This set includes all ROMs in the new version's Game List. NOTE: These ROMs are in NeoRAGEx format and won't work on other emulators. Goldanthrowolf, SNK Playmore is re-releasing many of their Neo Geo fighting games on the PS2. This includes KOF '94 Re-Bout, KOF Orochi Collection ('95, '96, '97), KOF NEST Collection ('99, 2000, 2001), Art of Fighting Collection, Fatal Fury Battle Archive 1, Last Blade 2-in-1, etc. They all have online play which is really cool, but only for Japan so if you import these games you won't have online play. But the 'latest and greatest' sometimes does mean the best, King of Fighters XI and Samurai Shodown 6 are the best in the series.:). This is a great torrent, but to all people looking for authentic Neo Geo roms you have to dl the MAME roms.

These roms all have minor discrepancies between them and the real versions especially the 'special' (hacked) versions. NeoRAGE is good for creating art however, as you can turn off individual parts of the visuals and take snapshots, something MAME cannot do. But yeah, the Neo community generally admits NeoRAGE to be the inferior emulator, especially because of it having it's own (wrong) roms. If you like the games, go get the Mame versions for 100% arcade accuracy. It's true that MAME is a purist's arcade emulator and the ROM images it uses are clean and correct; however, when I uploaded this torrent I envisioned a more casual player who just wanted to enjoy Neo Geo games and not other arcades like CPS-1, CPS-2 or worry about the accuracy of the emulation.

For this, I believe NeoRAGEx is a lot more simple and straightforward to use than MAME, especially when it comes to understanding the MAME naming conventions and the difference between parent and clone ROM sets. Hey, no problem.

Neo Geo Rage X 5.0


Neo Geo Rage X Emulator

I'm impressed this torrent is still going strong after 3 years. After seeding the first week, I've never had to come on and re-seed even once!

King of Fighters 2002

Metal Slug

Anyway, the reason I'm here is to tell people that after 3 years, there is a new update to NeoRAGEx by the same team that brought you this version. It includes more features and an updated ROM set. Read it here: (scroll half way down for the English version). I'm not going to make a new torrent, since all of the download links are there (full ROM set, preview set, new background skins).

I just wanted to inform all the happy customers of this torrent that there is a new version to download at your leisure. If anyone needs help with the new version, make a comment and I will respond.

Ok I followed the link to the new updated version of neoragex by the SNK neo-fighters team but I'm a noobie and I want to know if I need this version of neoragex to use the update they have to upgrade it, or is there a download to the updated emulator itself where I can just unzip and run the.exe file of it? Hopefully you understand me here.

Because I guess I downloaded it from the site but there is no application so I guess its just an update patch of sorts they made, I already downloaded they're updated full rom set though but I need the updated emulator of neoragex itself. Help me out someone.