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Update Curse Addons

Overview AutoLootPlus is an extremely thin (1 KB of runtime memory usage) addon that improves the speed of Blizzard's default auto looting. When installed, auto looting a corpse or container is nearly instant and almost always occurs before the loot window is even displayed. The only limit for how quickly AutoLootPlus can perform is a player's latency but even then it will always outperform Blizzard's default auto looting in terms of speed. Note: AutoLootPlus does not work in conjunction with loot filter addons.

To enable AutoLootPlus AutoLootPlus seeks the same conditions that enable Blizzard's auto looting, all of which are found in the Interface menu (under the Controls section). Out of the following conditions, only one should be true in order to enable AutoLootPlus's functionality:. Auto Loot is enabled (disabled by default). The Auto Loot Key is held down (SHIFT key by default) Features. Near-instant auto looting. No disconnections. Runtime memory usage of 1 KB Comments.

It's showing up in the Curse Client for me, although it is strange that the 'Install via Client' button isn't showing up here on the website. I was about to install this (currently on 7.2) before reading your comment - I couldn't quite tell if you were saying there are issues with the addon, or that it works fine in-game aside from these website issues. Is the addon working alright for you? I can't imagine it'd be easy to break this one as it's so simple and lightweight, that there'd have to be some significant change to looting for it to stop functioning, but you never know. Is this still working as intended on live?


/ ar ownonly - repairs only from your own gold / ar guild - tries to repair from guild bank, then tries to repair from your own gold / ar own - tries to repair from your own gold, then tries to repair from guild bank if you don ' t have enough gold for repair / ar guildonly - only uses guild bank for repairs / ar off - disables automatic repairs I will do my best to keep it updated, but I no longer play WoW so it takes some time before I hear form someone that my addons are outdated. If you notice the addon is out of date just email me: markyxll at gmail dot com, and I will try to update the addon when I get to it. If you wish to give me some motivation to fix it ASAP or if you just wish to thank me, you can send a few cents via paypal (the donate button on this page below download). Hey, first of all, nice Addon. I was just wondering if you could add the feature to automatically sell all grey items aswell everytime you click the vendor.

Sep 17, 2012 In this video I show you how to update your wow addons easily. Wowmatrix:

Right now i use a macro for that, but I'm sure this could be implemented. Here's the macro: /script for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,'ff9d9d9d') then DEFAULTCHATFRAME:AddMessage('Selling '.name); UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end; end; end I'm not familiar with.lua and addon programming so i thought this implementation might be worth a suggestion!

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