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VARIOUS WAFER KIT - Equipment. Lot of spare parts:. Since 1951 B&K Precision has provided test and measurement instruments for engineering, electronic design, and. User Manuals. Model 103 User Manual; Model 104 User Manual; Model 105 User Manual; Model 106 User Manual; Model 114A User Manual; Model 114B User Manual. The BK Precision 2160C is an analog oscilloscope with many features. The BK Precision 2160-C oscilloscope is built by and backed. 1 - User's Manual; Model.

. BK PRECISION ® INSTRUCTION MANUAL MODEL 2190B 100 MHz DUAL-TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE BK PRECISION ®. TEST INSTRUMENT SAFETY WARNING Normal use of test equipment exposes you to a certain amount of danger from electrical shock because testing must often be performed where exposed high voltage is present. An electrical shock causing 10 milliamps of current to pass through the heart will stop most human heartbeats. Voltage as low as 35 volts dc or ac rms should be considered dangerous and hazardous since it can produce a lethal current under certain conditions.

Instruction Manual BK PRECISION ® Model 2190B 100 MHz Dual-Trace Oscilloscope ©2000 B+K Precision Corp. This symbol on oscilloscope means “refer to instruction manual for further precautionary information”. This symbol appears in the manual where the corresponding information is given. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Page TEST INSTRUMENT SAFETY.inside front cover OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Continued) X Y Operation.15 FEATURES. FEATURES LOW COST, HIGH PERFORMANCE VERTICAL FEATURES B+K Precision Model 2190B is one of the most economi- High Sensitivity cal 100 MHz analog oscilloscopes on the market, yet it has 5 mV/div sensitivity for full bandwidth.

High-sen- all of the high performance features needed for most appli- sitivity 1 mV/div and 2 mV/div using PULL X5 gain cations, including delayed time base, bandwidth limiter, and control. FEATURES AUTO Sweep X Y Operation Selectable AUTO sweep provides sweep without trig- Channel 1 can be applied as horizontal deflection ger input, automatically reverts to triggered sweep (X-axis) while channel 2 provides vertical deflection operation when adequate trigger is applied. SPECIFICATIONS CRT: HORIZONTAL AMPLIFIER Type: 6-inch rectangular with integral graticule, (Input through channel 1 input) P31 phosphor. X−Y mode: Display Area: 8 x 10 div (1 div = 1 cm). CH 1 = X axis. CH 2 = Y axis. Accelerating Voltage: 12 kV.

SPECIFICATIONS Trigger Coupling: Output Impedance: Approximately 50 ohms. AUTO: Sweep free-runs in absence of Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 100 MHz, 3 dB. Suitable trigger signal. Intensity Modulation NORM: Sweep triggered only by adequate Input Signal: TTL level, intensity increasing with trigger signal. CONTROLS AND INDICATORS 15 28 Fig.

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Model 2190A Controls and Indicators. GENERAL FUNCTION CONTROLS VERTICAL CONTROLS 1. ON Indicator.

Lights when oscilloscope is “on”. VERTical MODE Switch.

Anti ddos. • Support Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 2012.

Selects vertical display mode. Four-position lever switch with the following 2.

POWER Pushbutton. Turns oscilloscope “on” and positions: “off”. CONTROLS AND INDICATORS 10. CH1 AC-GND-DC Switch.

Three-position lever 15. CH2 POSition/PULL INVert Control: switch with the following positions: POSition: Rotation adjusts vertical position of channel 2 trace. Channel 1 input signal is capacitively coupled; dc In X-Y operation, rotation adjusts vertical position component is blocked. CONTROLS AND INDICATORS HORIZONTAL CONTROLS TRIGGERING CONTROLS 20.

Main Time Base TIME/DIV Control. Provides step 26. HOLDOFF/PULL NORM TRIG Control. Selection of sweep rate for the main time base. When HOLDOFF: the VARiable Sweep control is set to CAL, sweep rate Rotation adjusts holdoff time (trigger inhibit period is calibrated.

CONTROLS AND INDICATORS TV-H: 30. EXTernal TRIGger Jack. External trigger input for Used for triggering from television horizontal sync single- and dual-trace operation. Also serves as hi-pass (low frequency reject) trigger coupling. REAR PANEL CONTROLS (not shown) LINE: 31. Fuse Holder/Line Voltage Selector.

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Contains fuse Signal derived from input line voltage (50/60 Hz) and selects line voltage. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS EQUIPMENT PROTECTION PRECAUTIONS WARNING The following precautions will help avoid The following precautions must be ob- damage to the oscilloscope. Served to help prevent electric shock. Never allow a small spot of high brilliance to remain 1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2. Press the red POWER pushbutton.


OPERATING TIPS The following recommendations will help obtain the best 3. A trace should appear on the CRT. Adjust the trace performance from the oscilloscope. Brightness with the INTENSITY control, and the trace sharpness with the FOCUS control. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 3.

To view both waveforms simultaneously, set the TRIGGERING VERTical MODE switch to DUAL and select either The Model 2190B Oscilloscope provides versatility in ALT (alternate) or CHOP with the PULL CHOP sync triggering for ability to obtain a stable, jitter-free dis- switch. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Trigger SOURCE Switch triggering threshold shifts to a more negative value. When the control is centered, the threshold level is set at the The trigger SOURCE switch (CH 1, CH 2, etc.) selects approximate average of the signal used as the triggering the signal to be used as the sync trigger. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS permitted.


The HOLDOFF control allows this period to be 3. Adjust the amount of vertical (Y axis) deflection with extended by a variable amount if desired. The CH 2 VOLTS/DIV and VARIABLE controls.

This control is usually set to the MIN position (fully 4. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 3. Shift the percentage of the display that is occupied by the main sweep by adjusting the DELAY TIME Delayed Sweep POSition control.

Counterclockwise rotation causes more of the display to be occupied by the main sweep and clockwise rotation causes more of the display to be occupied by the delayed sweep. MAINTENANCE PERIODIC ADJUSTMENTS WARNING Probe compensation and trace rotation adjustments should be checked periodically and adjusted if required. The following instructions are for use by These procedures are given below. Qualified service personnel only. To avoid electrical shock, do not perform any serv- Probe Compensation icing other than contained in the operat- 1. MAINTENANCE CALIBRATION CHECK INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICE A general check of calibration accuracy may be made by Because of the specialized skills and test equipment re- displaying the output of the CAL terminal on the screen.

Quired for instrument repair and calibration, many custom- This terminal provides a square wave of 2 V p-p. APPENDIX IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS FOR RISE TIME AND FALL TIME MEASUREMENTS Error in Observed Measurement Calculated Measurements The observed rise time (or fall time) as seen on the CRT For observed rise times of less than 11 ns, the pulse rise is actually the cascaded rise time of the pulse being meas- time should be caluclated to eliminate the error introduced ured and the oscilloscope’s own risetime. LIMITED WARRANTY B+K Precision Corp. Warrants to the original purchaser that its product, and the component parts thereof, will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of purchase. B+K Precision Corp. Will, without charge, repair or replace, at its option, defective product or component parts upon delivery to an authorized B+K Precision service contractor or the factory service department, accompanied by proof of the purchase date in the form of a sales receipt.

Bk Precision Oscilloscope 2160

INFORMATION One of the best tutorials on oscilloscopes in the industry. Valuable to those with little knowledge of oscilloscopes as well as the experienced technician or engineer who wishes to refresh their memory or explore new uses for oscilloscopes. Download your FREE copy from our Web site www.bkprecision.com. ® 1031 Segovia Circle, Placentia, CA 92870 © 2000 B+K Precision Corp.

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