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Wouldn't it be great to have your own possibly non-visual object inspector. So you can find out which properties and methods a given object. Delphi, Delphi 1. Jul 23, 2016 Download Delphi Runtime Inspector for free. 'Runtime Inspector' is an extended object inspector. It can help developper to see object information at run-time. Use the Object Inspector to examine and edit the properties and events for the currently selected object or objects. F11 reopens the Object Inspector. F11 moves the focus to the filter box on the Object Inspector, and toggles between the Object Inspector and the last active form or Code Editor file.

  1. Delphi Object-oriented

Delphi Object-oriented

Make the property published. For instance, private FMyProperty: integer; published property MyProperty: integer read FMyProperty write FMyProperty; Often, you need to repaint the control (or do some other processing) when a property is changed. Then you can do private FMyProperty: integer; procedure SetMyProperty(MyProperty: integer); published property MyProperty: integer read FMyProperty write SetMyProperty. Procedure TMyControl.SetMyProperty(MyProperty: integer); begin if FMyProperty MyProperty then begin FMyProperty:= MyProperty; Invalidate; // for example end; end.

Delphi Object Inspector

The Object Inspector shows only properties that are registered with the IDE in a design time package. You have not done that. So you could include your form in a design time package and register it with a call to RegisterCustomModule. However this could be quite inconvenient if your form is under active development in your application. You might find yourself repeatedly getting out of sync between the design time package and the application. Another way to apply form wide behaviour changes is to create a non-visual component that you can drop on to your form.

The advantage of this approach is that you can change the form to your heart's content and not get out of sync with your design time components.