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Game modes In the game we can cope with both computer opponents as well as with our friends. In order to make that happen, Drivators, drivers that is, were introduced. They map the skills of our friends very precisely. In addition to that, the game features an auction house, where we can sell our cars and patterns that are used for decorations. Forza Horizon 3 is characterized by very attractive graphics. What is more, it is a game set for community actions but we can also play in multiplayer modes.

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Dec 14, 2016 A masterstroke of open-world game design, Forza Horizon 3 is the premier arcade-style racing game on PC. Even the finicky offline mode and occasional frame. GameStop: Buy Forza Horizon 3, Microsoft Game Studios, PC, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.

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Forza Horizon 3 Pc Download Free

This car is officially called the 2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST. It's a civilian version of the military-themed truck featured in the Halo games, the M12 Force Application Vehicle. There's no turret on Forza Horizon 3's variant, but it does have a 720 BHP twin-turbo V8 engine, which makes it faster than its military counterpart. 'The Warthog CST in Forza Horizon 3 is also ideally suited for the rough and tumble landscape of Australia,' Microsoft. 'With the most advanced suspension in Forza Horizon 3 (with more than 70 cm of suspension travel), plus advanced dampening, you won't find the combination of power and stability like this anywhere else in the Horizon Festival.' People who played or will receive a code to download the car starting the week of September 5.

Those who did not play either of those games can acquire the car by earning it in a 'Forzathon' Forza Horizon 3 event that will begin in October. Microsoft will share more details on how the Forza/Halo partnership came to be in future blog posts. Microsoft also announced Forza Horizon 3's recommended PC specs, which show that you'll want to have a Nvidia GTX 970 or GTA 1060 or AMD R9 290X or AMD RX 480. This is to run the game at 1080p; Forza Horizon 3 supports up to 4K resolution, but you'll need a beefier rig to achieve that. The full recommended specs are below. Microsoft added that Forza Horizon 3 will offer a 'tremendous amount' of options, too, such as things like vertical sync, resolution, motion blue, mirrors, reflection, and static and dynamic geometry. Additionally, the game will support racing wheels, but Microsoft is not yet talking about what devices you can use.


Forza Horizon 3 Recommended PC Specs. CPU: i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz.

GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 or Nvidia GTX 1060, AMD R9 290X or AMD RX 480. VRAM: 4 GB. RAM: 12 GB. Hard Drive Type: HDD.

Available Space: 55 GB. Resolution: 1920 X 1080. Windows Version: Windows Anniversary Edition 64-bit 14393.101. Misc: Requires DirectX 12 As for the other Forza Horizon 3 news, Microsoft released the full achievement list. Players will be rewarded for ranking up and competing in races.


You will earn 20 gamerscore for performing a barrel role in a buggy; this achievement is appropriately titled 'Totally meant to do that.' Forza Horizon 3 Achievement List Name Description Gamerscore Welcome to Your Horizon Open Festival with the first Showcase 10 You're the Boss Upgrade the Festival for the first time 10 One of Us Win your first Exhibition race as Horizon Festival Boss 10 Stay on Target Get a gold medal from a Danger Sign 10 'Do you even. Oh, you do' Get 3 Stars through a Drift Zone 10 You're Hired! Hire a Drivatar into your Drivatar Line-Up 10 You're Fired!