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Hidden And Dangerous Deluxe Gameplay Rating: 3,6/5 4462 votes
  1. Hidden And Dangerous 3

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe is an old dos game, published in 2002 by Illusion Softworks. Main genre of this old game is action. We gave this game stunning rating of 86 and you can download it for free right here. Players always enjoy if (after a few years), a game company decides to release its successful title as a freeware.

Hidden And Dangerous 3

Exactly that decided the Czech company Illusion Softworks and in 2003 in the marketing campaign for Hidden & Dangerous 2 they decided to release an extended version of Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe as freeware to support the sales of new game. The fact that it was originally a commercial title is a great positive for the game and in a freeware world it is still one of the best games ever. The game has beautifully processed graphics, excellent rendering of water, music and sounds superbly illustrate the atmosphere.

Does anyone know how to play Hidden and Dangerous. That I'm using but somehow they are not able to join my game. Hidden&Dangerous Deluxe - last. You can download the complete full version game Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe for free! That's right it is all completely legal because it was part of the advertising. Hidden & Dangerous: Deluxe includes a re-tooled version of the original Hidden and Dangerous, plus the Devil's Bridge expansion.

The game is set in World War II and you with your team are being deployed to the most important operations. The game is not just about mindless shooting, but you must act quietly to not be spotted, but also quickly so the mission is completed as soon as possible. If you combine beautiful graphics, sophisticated missions and excellent gameplay - all of this make this game one of the best FPS and you should definitely try it!


Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a first and third person tactical shooter that builds upon the tremendous success of its predecessor. With its unique blend of action, strategy and tactics, Hidden and Dangerous 2 will test gamers' commanding skills, with more than 20 complex missions over nine different campaigns.

Individual operations take place in locations throughout the world, from the lush jungles of Burma to the harsh deserts of Africa. Hidden and Dangerous 2 will feature multiplayer modes including Cooperative and Deathmatch play, with the option to play as Axis forces.