Huawei E3231 Drivers For Dongles

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Huawei E3231 Drivers For Dongles

This dongle gives you wireless access to the mobile internet. Huawei E3231 USB modem (dongle). Obviously the manufacturer is not going to put out Linux drivers since they probably would have released them already. Huawei E3231 mobile dongle wont install.

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Three's website is useless as some of the help pages provided are broken. Was OK when I looked. Try these suggestions: - make sure to log into your PC with an administrator account before inserting the dongle - if that fails, also try turning off all anti virus programs and firewalls before inserting the dongle - see if any extra USB drive shows up when the dongle is inserted (in Explorer, My Computer, etc). If so check whether you can see a program or script on it which you can double click to run. I've been given a replacement dongle which works perfectly on this pc.

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Download Huawei Hi. Link Modem Latest Drivers Free. We usually keep writing about Huawei modem, router, gateway, dongle, wingle, Wi. Huawei launches E3231 mobile.


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There doesn't appear to be a dashboard though, so can't check speed or reception. I use these all the time. When plugging into a usb slot, your computer goes through installing the drivers to access the dongle. You may only get two drivers installing the first time you plugin. R kelly cookie zippy download. If you restart you then get a list of 7 plus drivers being installed, this happens all the time. You have to plug in and unplug-replugin about three times.