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Intergraph SmartSketch LE by Intergraph. Versions: 3.0. File name: SmartSketch.exe.

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Intergraph Smartsketch Le

SmartSketch® FAQ Use the table of contents below to find answers to your questions. Simply click on the hot-linked topic to retrieve your answer.

Content Topics. Can I use SmartSketch with my AutoCAD® and/or MicroStation® files?

SmartSketch is a CAD-neutral application, offering integration with MicroStation up to versions SE and J, and with AutoCAD up to AutoCAD 2000. With SmartSketch, you can view, annotate, or combine different formats to create a hybrid file, without file conversion. If you choose to update the data, SmartSketch allows you to Open and Save As MicroStation or AutoCAD.

Can I use AutoCAD Blocks in SmartSketch? You can use AutoCAD blocks directly from the Symbol Explorer by dragging and dropping into your SmartSketch document. Can I use MicroStation Cells in SmartSketch? To use MicroStation cells, simply convert the cell library to create individual symbols and use as native SmartSketch geometry.

Is SmartSketch compatible with Microsoft Office? SmartSketch fully integrates with Office products like Word and Excel (or any 32-bit, OLE-compliant product). You can use this integration to create compound documents in which you combine your drawings with Word and Excel documents - through a simple cut and paste operation - for proposals, reports, catalogs, and more.

Can SmartSketch work with relational databases such as Oracle and dBASE? Intergraph provides utilities that will let you easily link SmartSketch data to relational databases including: Microsoft Access, dBASE, FoxPro®, Paradox, Btrieve, Microsoft Excel, and text files. If you have the appropriate ODBC drivers, you can access other databases as well. Can I customize SmartSketch?

Yes, you can customize SmartSketch using any Microsoft OLE automation-aware programming tool, such as Visual Basic® 5 or 6, Borland's Delphi, Visual C®, or even Microsoft Excel. An on-line programmer's guide provides examples and sample code for easy customization. What is SmartSketch LE? SmartSketch LE is a limited edition of SmartSketch. SmartSketch LE modules provide pre-defined work environments that include workflow-specific templates, toolbars, menus, and content; business diagrams, such as networks, organization charts, flow charts, and office layouts; technical drawing solutions for mechanical and electrical drawings; industry-specific content; and data management tools. Is SmartSketch the same product as Imagineer Technical or Imagination Engineer?

Yes; Versions 1 and 2 of the product were sold as Imagineer Technical and Imagination Engineer. The product name was changed to SmartSketch with the release of Version 3. Does SmartSketch work in 3D? With SmartSketch you can link and embed 3D files created with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Intergraph's SmartPlant P&ID. However, SmartSketch is a tool for 2D precision drawing and design. How do I integrate SmartSketch with SmartPlant P&ID?

SmartSketch is considered a 'document-centric' application - by default, SmartSketch drawings have no links to any external databases without the use of utilities to create them. On the other hand, SmartPlant P&ID is considered a 'data-centric' application, linked to an external database. As such, you can reference a SmartSketch schematic (such as a preliminary P&ID) in SmartPlant P&ID, and use it as a template to create a new P&ID that has all the data managed in a database, such as Oracle. The utility to import (one way) preliminary P&IDs from SmartSketch into SmartPlant P&ID is included with the SmartPlant P&ID application.

Intergraph Smartsketch Le

How does SmartSketch fit into front-end engineering and design? If your principal interest is document-centric rather than data-centric design documentation, SmartSketch provides the perfect solution. Best of all, you can still migrate to SmartPlant P&ID in the future. If your company works in data-centric solutions with MicroStation or AutoCAD, SmartSketch can complement your workflow by producing process sketches (conceptual designs sketched by a process engineer), block diagrams, process and electrical diagrams, initial plant layout, equipment sketches, and design publications linked to Microsoft Word documents. What types of symbols are included in SmartSketch? SmartSketch symbols include those across the AEC, Mechanical, Process, Utilities, and Mapping industries, as well as General Business for flow charts, logic diagrams, workflows, and network diagrams. What are Industry Solutions?

SmartSketch provides 46 Industry Solutions, which consist of industry-specific templates - including predefined sheet setup configurations, appropriate scale factors and unit settings, and defined title blocks - task-specific toolbars, and content. Can I use SmartSketch to generate reports? SmartSketch is delivered with predefined report macros within the Industry Solutions. You can drag a report macro into your SmartSketch design for immediate reporting, or create unique customized reports powered by Microsoft Excel. Can I install SmartSketch via remote installation, such as Install Shield? Details on this subject are covered in the SmartSketch readme file, under 'SMS.'

Can I obtain a network version of SmartSketch? Yes; concurrent or network licenses are available. For more information, contact your Intergraph sales representative or email us. SmartSketch is an SMS-compliant application, so your network administrator can install it on your client desktop from a server.

What level of precision is available with SmartSketch? With SmartSketch, you can set precision up to.0001 of your specified units (IEEE double-precision floating-point accuracy). Can I use SmartSketch with raster data? SmartSketch 4.0+ includes a module called Image Integrator for use with raster data. You may reference raster data to redline or create new data in SmartSketch.

You can also do minimal raster editing and manipulation. Does SmartSketch perform 'AutoSaves'? AutoSave automatically saves the current file at user-defined intervals, protecting your time investment by saving work as it is created and eliminating the need to stop for backups. Can batch scripts be run against SmartSketch files? Yes, through automation. Is external scripting of a SmartSketch file possible?


Yes, through Visual Basic or any OLE Automation-enabled language. Can I create symbols in SmartSketch?

In addition to more than 7,500 pre-defined industry-specific symbols, SmartSketch allows you to quickly modify an existing symbol, create symbols (even multi-form symbols), and create parametric symbols that can be modified by simply changing attributes. Where can I get user documentation? The SmartSketch CD includes a Getting Started Guide in PDF format. The PDF files and the Adobe Acrobat Reader (AdobeSetup405.exe) are in the SmartSketch Getting Started Guide directory. You can use the guide online or print it. Will I need training to be productive with SmartSketch?

If you're familiar with Microsoft Windows®, you will immediately be comfortable using SmartSketch. SmartSketch comes with an online Learning Center, which includes multimedia tutorials and online Help, including ToolTips, Demos, and Wizards. For users who prefer formal training, Intergraph also provides a variety of training courses designed for the basic user, as well as more detailed, advanced customization courses to increase your productivity.

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