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Latest updates on everything Tribe Software related. Log in / Sign up. To make your Farm Tribe the absolute best! Two.erupting volcano. In Island Tribe 2. Tribes 2 is among the most popular online action games in the world, featuring team combat on an epic scale. This demo features two single-player training.


Rated 5 out of 5 by chiclets from Surprisingly difficult! I have enjoyed all the Island Tribe versions, But I had skipped over 1 & 2 to play the later versions.

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I am now in the middle of playing #2, and I've found it to be more challenging than many of the later versions! As someone who has who has completed all higher versions (several times) with top scores, I am experienced at this game, but already have two levels I have tried twice to capture the gold, and so far have not succeeded! Here are my thoughts on the challenges: There seems to be less time to complete the tasks, and it's easy to run out of time. You do not get any advanced notification on finding 'specialty' items, they randomly pop up and it's up to you to spot them and click on them. Sometimes they are not there a very long time, so you can miss them if you aren't watching. The larger jewels come and go as well, do assume they will be there when you find time to grab them. I don't like music in my games, so that is turned off, and I keep the sound low as well so I can't really comment either way on those.

Also in general I hate the 'stories' in any game (they are notoriously long in the HOG games in particular) and so skip past those as soon as I can. I do enjoy catching the cute tiny little animations in this series, and think they are well produced. A nice challenging version! Rated 5 out of 5 by mrm2006 from What a great time! After doing the trial run on Island Tribe 1, I was hooked and immediately purchased all 4 in the series.

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While I thought the first in the series was quite short and relatively easy (beginners will love this game), I just finished spending all day and half the night playing IT2 and loved, loved, loved it! The storyline is simple enough, the graphics bright and the music not overbearing at all. The levels do get a bit harder as the game goes on but you have the ability to replay which is a great feature. There is so much to do! This game offers hours and hours of entertainment and fun.

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Glam-ma says at least give the trial a go because you will be hooked matey! Rated 5 out of 5 by jakleen24 from Addicting!! I'm somewhat new to TM games. This is a great introduction.

Lots of fun trying to determine what projects need more attention than others to achieve goals, but not stressful. Music is cute and I usually keep my speakers off, but not with this game. It is very fun and I encourage anyone thinking about trying TM games to give this one a try.

One problem, though. I'm getting to bed late and chores are not being done because I'm going to play 'just one more round.'

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