Thief 3 Windows 7 64 Bit Patch

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Hello all.,i am having a problem with thief 3 deadly shadows.,i installed the game and patch and the texture upgrade and also applied the No-cd crack to be able to play it with no cd.,and i did the compatibility to windows XP sp2.,and when i try to start the game from T3 it never launches.,just the mouse loading and then NOTHING!! Please if there are any fixes or patches or a way to make it work on windows 7 64bit i7 processor and the ATI5850 Share it.THX in advance trying running with other crack or just use your cd and try if it works then its your crack if not then reinstall might help and disable aero befor playing it crashes the game alot.

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Thief 3 On windows 7 64bit. Solved How to change windows 10 32bit to 64bit? Solved 32-Bit motherboard and 64-Bit Proccesor; solved 64-bit pc is now 32-bit pc?

Thief 3 Windows 7 64 Bit PatchThief 3 Windows 7 64 Bit Patch

Windows 7 64-bit Product Key

Maybe you guys have to re-download it from D2D? It's working fine here on Windows 7 (RC): (random screenshot during initial training) Here's what I did: 1.

Installed the game 2. Applied the hack to get 1920 x 1200 working: 3.

Windows 7 64-bit Iso Download

Used a fixed exe from megagames (I can't tell you more because of the forum rules, but I'm sure you'll find the right one yourself) 4. Started playing (I also do have UAC turned off, and run the game as admin in Vista compatibility mode - any XP compatibility mode works too) p.s.: it seems though that this game does have a few bugs. For example, I can't access all video options (you can edit them manually in the config, though) since whenever I try to scroll down in the menu it automatically scrolls back up. Also: when I first started playing, without touching any key, the character was always running forward - editing the control menu so that there are no 'Joy' (joypad, I assume) buttons, keys made it work fine now, though.