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Ryzen is one of the biggest, and most exciting releases in a long time. We not only got a huge performance leap from FX, but AMD opened the access to more cores and threads for everyone.

This came about by a drastic decision to completely abandon the old and start over from the ground up. The GPU side of AMD has struggled as of late, but it seems like Radeon is about to follow in Zen’s footsteps. GCN was introduced in 2011. AMD had some strong offerings based on the architecture, but Vega is starting a trend that sees Radeon struggle to keep up with the competition. Unless Navi does a miracle of performance increase, it’s unlikely to close the performance deficits Nvidia keeps creating in gaming.

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It was sounding like it might be time for a complete rework and rumor has it that Radeon’s new leadership is going to helm the way. There’s no word on what the name will be, but sometime around 2020, a brand new macro architecture is expected to succeed GCN. The performance jump is supposedly going to be reminiscent of the jump from TeraScale to GCN. While only time will tell how successful this new architecture will be, I’m excited to hear that Radeon is starting from scratch in a similar manner to Zen. It gives me hope that in a couple years, AMD can make up for lost time and bring back the serious competition on all levels.

Of course Vega was a similar hope, so take this with a grain of salt as well. Check out the link from WCCF for more info and c. I think Patriot is trying to exhaust the bandwidth of NVMe. We’ve seen several M.2 drives release in recent years and performance is constantly improving. While no one will argue that NVMe drives are nice step up from SATA SSDs, the trend of having at least one low spec in the various read/write performance numbers was continuing to be evident.

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Now all of that is about to change because it looks like Viper’s next M.2 release is going to have crazy awesome storage speeds. Manufacturers tout four performance numbers when they’re proud of their storage speeds. There’s the typical sequential read/write speeds, but the ones who really believe they have a great drive also advertise their random read/write speeds. Typically, either the sequential write or random write speed will pale in comparison to the other specs. Viper decided that weakness would not be tolerated in any aspect of the drive. Granted much of the performance will have to do with Phison’s new PS5012-E12 controller, but both the sequential read and write speeds are at or above the 3000 MB/s mark.

That’s not the real interesting spec though. Random read/write speeds are typically more important to Windows users and Viper has blistering 600K IOPS speeds for both specs! Not only does that round the entire drive out nicely, 600K is really freakin’ fast!!! As always, we have to mention one big caveat before we talk about how fast Viper’s new drive is going to be. For many of us, a good keyboard was a bit of an afterthought when it cam to building our PC. It only took our first mechanical one to completely change our minds.

The next step in keyboard evolution seems to be optical and I’m a bit surprised I’m not seeing more companies jumping on board. Thankfully, not only is Bloody offering optical switches in their new B975 keyboard, but the actuation point is improved from traditional mechanical switches as well. The huge selling point for optical switches is that they’re supposed to respond 25% faster than mechanical. When you look at how fiber internet improved on the speeds of copper lines, it’s no surprise at all. If you’re a typist, you probably won’t care nearly as much, but the competitive gamer should definitely be interested. You may not sit down to a B975 keyboard and notice a difference in the first 2 minutes, but a couple of days can make you feel like you have a bit more of an edge than before.

An issue I’ve seen with other optical switches though, is that they retain the same actuation point as traditional mechanical switches, around 2mm. Bloody improves on the design by making sure the B900 series has a 1.5mm actuation point on their boards. EpicGear, while still using mechanical switches, did the same thing with the actuation point on their Defiant boards. My experience there was that at first I was pretty sure it made a difference, but after some solid use of going back and. Update: Not only did MSI get me an answer, but the answer was also the one I was hoping for.Based on this, we can make a pretty good assumption on which VRMs are for the CPU core and which ones are for the SOC.

Remember, what we see as the objects that are being circled are just the capacitors. Each phase of a VRM involves multiple pieces, only some of which are visible from above. Counting the capacitors is an easy way to get a close idea what a board has to offer. Needless to say there are some points I can’t say with 100% certainty are correct, but this is a much closer picture of where each VRM is at and what their role is. Thank you MSI for your help in answering this!

Let’s get the two obvious answers (that I already know) out of the way before all the “smart” people try show off their superiority. We can easily count the chokes on the board and see there is 12. If we do a bit of digging, which I did, we can find out that some say it’s a 10+2 power phase design. Neither of these figures completely answer my question. Let me explain the exact information I’m hoping to find, while I also gloat about how great this MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK motherboard looks on the surface. Zen+ is coming soon and for builders who want a long term motherboard solution, I like to help them find X370 boards that look like they can handle a few iterations of Ryzen. When it comes to overclocking, finding a good strong VRM is important, but AMD has more to th.

Ideally, a consumer is buying the NZXT Kraken G12 Bracket to take advantage of a CLC that’s not needed anymore after a CPU cooling upgrade. 2ne1 1st live concert nolza rar. However, buying a G12 bracket with an affordable CLC is not bad idea when it comes to an effective cooling upgrade for your GPU.

It will cost you a decent amount, but when you realize that several GPU blocks alone cost over $100, it’s not a bad option at all for some increased cooling. There’s lots of options that will work with the NZXT Kraken G12, but I personally think one CLC stands above the rest for an affordable GPU cooling solution. Disclaimer: the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 is not officially supported on NZXT’s site, but I’ll update this if/when I hear otherwise. The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 is my favorite option for several reasons. For starters, the 120mm rad is a great size for compatibility in the biggest range of cases. The 140mm coolers would give you a bit more oomph, but some cases don’t support 140mm fans in the front. What makes the Liquid Freezer line such a good choice though is the extra thick radiator, plus two included fans.

The extra surface area combined with the extra airflow is a deadly combination for giving your GPU some additional overclocking headroom. The biggest advantage though? An attractive $68 price tag on Newegg. There’s some CLCs that are a bit cheaper, but I don’t think the few dollars you save would be worth the performance hit. Certain products have to make massive changes to make it in the news list here, but custom cooling parts are sort of a requirement to cover. It’s a self-imposed rule, but cooling is kind of a big deal to most of us. Custom cooling is best, but sometimes we have to live vicariously through news posts until our 3 tax exemptions kick into high gear next year.

Swiftech just announced their Apogee SKF water block and they also overhauled their site. The blocks are pretty straightforward. While the design elements are fairly similar, you can see some minor aesthetic variations from the SKF Standard ans SKF Prestige. Either way, both blocks look like a great fit for the build and with RGB lighting control, you can match your build scheme pretty easily. The big news seems to be a new 125 micron thick fins on the block, which should have an impact on cooling performance. The other thing worth pointing out is the fact that Swiftech overhauled their site.

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Do I dare say that it now looksmodern!?! I jest a little, but I can say it’s very refreshing to see the updated look when you first visit the page. Even if the news is more evolutionary in nature, it’s still some nice things going on from a great cooling company. When I cover the CLC market, it takes a lot to get my attention with how many carbon copies there are. The custom scene is a lot more narrow in it’s selection and when performance is already top of the line, even small improvements are pretty. Introduction We are in the future and DDR4 is standardized, largely in part to AMD getting caught up to it with X370. More importantly, LED RAM is widely available with RGB options a plenty.

Naturally, someone might wonder what will this RAM kit from Patriot Viper to stick out? Let’s find out! Also, in case you don’t know who Patriot/Viper is: Patriot started in 1985 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We dedicate ourselves to being the brand of choice for the tech industry with a high commitment to quality and outstanding customer service. Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets high performance memory modules, flash memory, mobile accessories and gaming equipment. New iterations of AMD’s Ryzen architecture are on the horizon and as always, rumors will be circulating heavily until the day of the release.

A big one (I’m glad I happened to miss) was that a magical 12 core, 5.1 GHz chip was slated to release at $329. Even if you wanted to believe in a 12 core 5.1 GHz Ryzen 7, the $329 price is a clear indication of a fake leak based on the performance lead a chip like that would have. We may not have clear specs or performance, but I think there’s some pretty safe predictions that can be made based on previous experience. Zen+ The first thing we need to address is determining what the naming schemes are referring to. A lot of sites are calling it Ryzen 2, but I can’t verify that AMD has an official slide using that nomenclature. Also, Ryzen 3 is already taken so. The official term for the refresh is “Zen+”, which means AMD may opt for a term like Ryzen+ to describe the refresh in April.

Zen 2 is slated to release in 2019 and that will be a legitimate, 2nd generation design on the 7nm manufacturing process. For our purposes here, I’ll maintain the Zen+ title for the upcoming release and Zen 2 for the 2019 one. Specs We can expect the Zen+ specs to be almost identical to the original Zen counterparts. Core counts, Cache Sizes, and even socket compatibly will all be the same. There really isn’t any hope for additional cores or cache, which means you can probably dismiss any.

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