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A Practical Introduction to Electronic Circuits [Martin Hartley Jones] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The effective learning of electronics must.

Author by: Michael J. Spinks Language: en Publisher by: Elsevier Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 17 Total Download: 451 File Size: 52,8 Mb Description: Microprocessor System Design: A Practical Introduction describes the concepts and techniques incorporated into the design of electronic circuits, particularly microprocessor boards and their peripherals. The book reviews the basic building blocks of the electronic systems composed of digital (logic levels, gate output circuitry) and analog components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors).

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The text also describes operational amplifiers (op-amp) that use a negative feedback technique to improve the parameters of the op-amp. The design engineer can use programmable array logic (PAL) to replace standard discrete TTL and CMOS gates in circuits. The PAL is programmable and configurable to match the requirement of a given circuit. Using PAL can save space, a very important factor in the miniaturization process. Examples of PAL applications include the BCD counter, the LS 138 emulator, and a priority interrupt encoder.

The book also explains the operation and function of a microprocessor, the bus-based systems, analog-to-digital conversion, and vice-versa. The text is suitable for programmers, computer engineers, computer technicians, and computer instructors dealing with many aspects of computers such as programming, networking, engineering or design.

Author by: Earl Gates Language: en Publisher by: Cengage Learning Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 56 Total Download: 813 File Size: 49,8 Mb Description: IINTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS, SIXTH EDITION provides your students with a broad overview of both the linear and digital fields of electronics while also providing the basics so your students can understand the fundamentals of electronics. This book is intended for first year students to stimulate their interest in electronics, whether they are in high school or college, and will provide them with a fundamental background in electronics that they need to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. The sixth edition continues to expose students to the broad field of electronics at a level they can easily understand. Chapters are brief and focused and frequent examples are used to show math and formulas in use. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter to allow your students to grow with the knowledge necessary to continue. There are many new problems and review questions and Internet applications that enhance your students’ learning and retention of the material. In addition, new photographs keep them up to date with changes in the field of electronics and a new topic on Programmable Interface Controllers (PICs) is included as well.

INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS, SIXTH EDITION is written to allow all of your students to fully comprehend the fundamentals of electronics. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. Author by: Andrew Singmin Language: en Publisher by: Newnes Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 68 Total Download: 212 File Size: 41,7 Mb Description: Practical Audio Amplifier Circuit Projects builds on the introduction to electronic circuits provided in Singmin's innovative and successful first book, Beginning Electronics Through Projects.

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Both books draw on the author's many years of experience as electronics professional and as hobbyist. As a result, his project descriptions are lively, practical, and very clear.


With this new volume, the reader can build relatively simple systems and achieve useable results quickly. The projects included here allow a hobbyist to build amplifier circuits, test them, and then put them into a system.

Progress through a graduated series of learning activities culminates in unique devices that are nevertheless easy to build. Learn the basic building blocks of audio amplifier circuit design and then apply your knowledge to your own audio inventions. Targets the intermediate to advanced reader with challenging projects that teach important circuit theories and principles Provides a ready source of audio circuits to professional audio engineers Includes an electric guitar pacer project that lets you 'jam' with your favorite band! Author by: Jose Silva-Martinez Language: en Publisher by: World Scientific Publishing Company Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 12 Total Download: 383 File Size: 40,6 Mb Description: This book provides a compact and practical presentation of microelectronics circuits for a one-semester introductory course. Contrary to textbooks that are written for comprehensive two-semester electronics courses, the focus of this book is on the basic concepts and immediate discussion of application examples to instill more interest.

The theoretical concepts are introduced by explaining the methods to analyze elementary electronic circuits with design considerations, design procedures, and simulation examples. With this approach, students are prepared early to design and measure simple electronic circuits in the laboratory. This is an exciting aspect that not only motivates students but also enables a well-rounded learning experience. Author by: Jon B. Hagen Language: en Publisher by: Cambridge University Press Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 75 Total Download: 143 File Size: 46,8 Mb Description: This accessible and comprehensive book provides an introduction to the basic concepts and key circuits of radio frequency systems, covering fundamental principles that apply to all radio devices, from wireless data transceivers on semiconductor chips to high-power broadcast transmitters. Topics covered include filters, amplifiers, oscillators, modulators, low-noise amplifiers, phase-locked loops, and transformers. The author describes applications of radio frequency systems in such areas as communications, radio and television broadcasting, radar, and radio astronomy.

The book contains many exercises, and assumes only a knowledge of elementary electronics and circuit analysis. It will be an ideal textbook for junior and senior courses in electrical engineering, as well as an invaluable reference for researchers and professional engineers in this area, or for those moving into the field of wireless communications. Author by: Thomas L.

Floyd Language: en Publisher by: Prentice Hall Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 13 Total Download: 861 File Size: 49,5 Mb Description: For courses in Basic Electric Circuits, Introduction to Electronics, DC/AC Circuits, and Introduction to Electronic Devices and Circuits. This 6th edition of the acclaimed text provides a practical coverage of electric circuits (dc/ac) and an introduction to electronic devices that technician-level students can readily understand. Well-illustrated and clearly written, the text contains a design and page layout that enhances visual interest and ease of use. The organization provides a logical flow of subject matter and the pedagogical features assure maximum comprehension. Key Terms Glossary - Located at the end of each chapter, provides students with quick access to reference. Troubleshooting: Symptom and Cause, included at the end of selected chapters.

Teaches students the fundamentals of detecting and isolating faults in a circuit. Symptom and Cause problems provides students with hands-on practice. Improved coverage and clarity in certain areas. Rewritten and reorganized. Provides students with a logical flow of subject matter that ensures maximum comprehension.

Numerous examples in each chapter, provides an illustration of major concepts, theorems, and methods.