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Flashtool - Software to flash sony phones (S1 protocol). Setup

Hi, I will take the lead on releases of this tool as will have less time to work on it. For all flashtool informations (download links, changelog, screenshot gallery, FAQ, Firmwares repository) go to the Flashtool sources are on github: WARNING: Since Xperia Z, sony added a new set of files I called bootbundle. Those files can be bundled from 0.9.13 and can be flashed from 0.9.13 only. To all those flashing devices from Z edition to all after Z, it is highly advised to use 0.9.13 and to be sure FTF you flash contain the bootbundle set. I've been reported of hard bricks because of missing such set of files from bundles.

I WANT TO GET YOUR ATTENTION ABOUT THE LATEST BRANCH 0.9.19. Without FSC, the tool will by default include simlock.ta if this file is present in the FTF. Vortex Media Arts. The result will be a bricked phone As a workaround, until I release a patch, please please tick the exlude simlock.ta if you see it in the list. fixes the simlock.ta issue. This file is by default excluded. Then it will not be flashed until you explicitely untick the exlcude simlock box.

Do it at your own risk. Regards Androxyde.