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For Tonka Construction 2 on the PC, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion. Tonka Joe and his animated pals guide children through a variety of construction projects using 'real' Tonka brand trucks in this game from Hasbro Interactive.

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Master a fleet of heavy-duty Tonka trucks and take control of realistic construction projects. Dig in the quarry, build roads and mountains and desert, design a park in the city, all with the help of friendly supervisors to lead the way at each site. You'll have a blast using your imagination, problem solving and construction skills to get the job done. All the sights and sounds of real construction. Vehicle information. Get the scoop about your Tonka fleet- you'll be an expert in no time!

City development. Build and landscape skyscrapers, parks and even a castle in the big city. Garage maintenance.

Get inside the cab of your Tonka trucks and paint and repair them for heavy duty construction. Desert road building. Pave new roads and build a bridge to the city. Then landscape the area the way you'd like.

Snowy mountain rescue. Dig out from the avalanche and recover those stranded cars. Special features: Dig, plow, blast and build with 14 3-D Tonka trucks. Explore and customize 5 different construction areas. Print your trucks, work sites, and special builder certificates. Have fun with Tonka Joe and his crew as they help you along. Learn all the facts about your Tonka trucks.

Helps develop: Creativity and imagination. Sequential thinking. Spatial reasoning. Problem solving. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Macintosh 33MHz System 7.0+ 8MB RAM 256 Colors (640x480) Windows 3.1/95 486DX, 66MHz Sound Card 8MB RAM 256 Colors (640x480) CD: 99010.

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Take control of the massive Tonka vehicles to dig, haul, move and contrustruct awesome structures that will enrich your community and town! In the brilliant Tonka Construction Site there are 50 separate construction missions where you'll need to use all the cool vehicles to complete the tasks and construct the buildings! Build the entire Tonka Town up from the ground as you get stuck into the construction and head for the skies! Skillful gamers out there that loved this incredibly cool and fun classics there are loads more to get involved with so why not take the time to check out, and the amazing!

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