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Swapmagic for PS2 or Cogswap? I don’t know why people are still looking to get a downloadable copy of swapmagic. I guess they just didn’t know. Cogswap Ps2 Downloadable Content. Swapmagic for PS2 or Cogswap? This is Max Media Creator PC software that comes with ARMAX.

Cog Swap Ps2

NoMod PS2 with Independence Compiler exploite play copy games with CogSwap.Full instruction Correction 2014: 1.rapidshare has redesigned storage rules, many times from 2007 the doc file with instruction is lost. If some one have downloaded early years, i will be glad to receive on mail (actually they were three parts on bulgarian and english language) 2.from 2010 my home was object of robbery and the ps2, laptop and some other tehnic was stolen that is why the video and document was abandoned of me. 3.everything on movie is a real i don't have account for adsens or other google or youtube related gaining money service based on how many times the clips is watched. I made it on free will with my panasonic TZ5 in my home by me.

Ps2 Software Download For Ps3


Cog Swap Ps2 Download

The movie is made to help people of early ps2 time to not spend money on hardware modchips and made software home made mods cost nothing to gain same functionality as expensive hardware chips. All was provocated when I by matrix infiniti 1.91 that was sold to me for original and i pay $90 for chip and montage. Then when i came back my home everething was fine weeks later i started to update chip with newer version 1.99 i think and than firmware upgraid fail and chip never start after fast research realize that the chip was clone and this was firmware defense from original matrix infinity team to fight clones. That is why started to search google for some other methods and month ago i was ready and was very happy in my enthusiasm i shoot the video. This is the story of video. For all people, haters, trols that comment that i made false camera moving to hide some secrets, cut the video and faking the watchers, I will say that i understand them with all channels full of fake videos of 'how to.'

But believe me in 2007 i made it with many hard work, sleeples night before everything work like a charm on video. I wrote this because see that people still wathced and was obliged to write this. Now i have ps3 starting in 2011 February to trigger first hack with my windows phone sony xperia x1 booting linux and load with insmod the requared kernel modules that triger ps3 to boot in mode that can load hombrew. Now i'm on CFW ROGGERO 4.40 not the latest but i have many work at my office and not time for games.

This is all i believe that people will continue to discuse the clip and also belive with more positive spirit. Nikolay Milev.