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Original incarnation: 2006-10-17 12:45 UTC Current incarnation: 2010-03-04 17:00 UTC h Major changes over the years:/h. Total Downloaded/Uploaded info over the currently loaded torrents (this does not and can not equal the stats in the µTorrent statusbar or Help Show Statistics). Channel commands off by default. Channel commands set per channel. Added token support.


MIRC can also be downloaded from one of our mirror sites. If you want to use an older version of mIRC, you can download mIRC v6.35 from here. Total Downloaded/Uploaded info over the currently loaded torrents. As the mirc script do the same with. The calls that the script makes.

Added GUID support. Regex to support both 2.0 and 2.1 format h Install/h In µTorrent press ctrl+P Goto Web UI section Enable Web UI Fill in Username and Password. Goto Connection Write down the Port. Press Ok In mirc press alt+r Goto the Remote tab Choose File - New Paste the content of the codebox below in the script editor. Goto the line var%utusername guest and replace guest with the username you set in µTorrent.

Do the same for password and port. If µtorrent does NOT run on the same computer as the mirc script do the same with the url line and fill in the IP or hosname of the computer running µTorrent.

Optional: There is a by memosis you could paste at the bottom. Choose File - Save Press Ok Type /uthelp h Code/h. Ok guys, I think I have an acceptably working version running now. Free for use guys.

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Mirc Torrent

You wanna copy, adjust, modify, be inspired by, wipe ur ass with or simply use this script go right ahead. No need for credit as long as you don't act like you made it (alone).

Special thanks to Ludde (utorrent), ICleolion (statusthingy), Sylf (statusthingy), Pleh (statusthingy (still have to try flashui)) and silverfire (Criticism concerning GTSDLL). I didn't intend this post to sound like I achieved a major accomplishment.

Now we can write a 100% correct status thing. 1 = Started 2 = Checking 4 = Start after Check 8 = Checked 16 = Error 32 = Paused 64 = Queued 128 = Loaded Ah I see Ultima made a sticky with the information gathered over the months in different topics. Although it isn't a real API if you can manage making custom http connections (which does mean its cross platform) in your programming language you can employ this information to create your own (user/automation) interface, although with limited functionality. I like this script but you should set /utchan to disabled by default.

This can easily be exploited by other users to make you flood a channel with useless µTorrent stats until you get kicked by anti-flood bots or some operator. Actually the feature is pretty useless from the start.

Just leave it a QUERY based command only. The only purpose for this is to to be able to quickly check your own downloading box via IRC. Nothing else. I'm sick and tired of useless stats, pc hardware lists and Winamp now playing junk that people spam channels on IRC with. If I want to know what a person downloads I can just ask him about it.

In a personal tone. Also offer a color code free version of the script. Many channels block color codes because frankly they are annoying. I just used the script and modified it to use /echo instead of /msg, as I'm only using this for my own interest and not for annoying people in public channels.