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Wood Ramps Our wood handicap wheelchair ramp design: Ramps may be required in order to create access to many areas. Here's how we build our wood ramps and handrails. Design requirements:. The maximum slope of a wheelchair ramp should be 1' of rise for each 12' of run.

The maximum rise for any run is 30'. The maximum run 30'. The minimum inside clear width of a ramp should be 36'.

Landings must be provided at the top and bottom of each run. The landing should be at least as wide as the ramp, and a minimum of 60' in length. Argumentation and critical decision making pdf. Handrails must be provided on both sides of the ramp, between 30' and 38' above the ramp surface. Suggestions:. All wood should be treated.

Use 3' galvanized deck screws. Wood ramp surfaces can be slippery when wet. We cover the surface with rolled roofing.

Ramp Design Software

Handicap Ramp Design and Construction. May need to be solidly attached to the home and built on frost free footings. Ramps expected to be used for five years.