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Windows vista on psp. It won't break your psp nor is it possible for a bricker program that is in flash format cause it's impossible to write into the psp memory.

Best Answer: I've once answered a similar question like this. Yes, there is a virus called 'PSP.Brick.a' that effects the PSP and a lot more viruses out there. You can get a free virus scanner that runs on your PC called 'PSafeP 1.1', here is a link The best thing to do is not try to flash your PSP to run Homebrew Applications and downloading strange files from strange websites.

If you are intent on doing that make sure that you use a mod chip and one that has a firmware backup so you can unbrick your PSP when gets infected (not if, but when). Just be sure to not downloading any files or programs you don't recognized, the viruses can mess up your PSP and/or mess up your files you have stored in the Memory Stick. Again I have to say:. Don't visit scam sites. Don't download anything off them even if it's a free God of War: Chains of Olympus copy (I downloaded one off LimeWire, now I have to use Anti-Virus porgram to protect me) And if someone managed to create one virus for PSP, anyone who knows how can. But this applies by the rule of popularity. The more bad intentioned people who wants to hurt people that has PSP the more PSP viruses that's going to appear in a near future.

On the other side, Sony will do anything to keep their clients from harm and Symantec will probably make an Anti-Virus software to protect PSP's. So surf safely. The best thing to do to push the viruses away is to upgrade your PSP to the latest Official Firmware. No- this question is asked so often! There's always a question like- Can my Wii get a virus or Can my Ps3 get a virus? The answer is NO!!

Just because the system has Internet capabilities doesn't mean that viruses can get through your system! Someone would have to be there, in person, with your system and mess with the hardware somehow to make it have a virus. You don't have to worry about a thing. You can't go on the web and say 'Ok- i'm going to look at every PSP that has the web hooked up to it and give a couple some viruses' Think of it that way- How would that be possible? How would you know what PSP's out there are hooked up to the web? Believe me- your safe.

Read the article below: Trojan. PSPBrick On October 2, 2005, an alternative downgrader was released.

The 'downgrader' was actually a trojan that, if run on PSP, destroys the firmware and BIOS, resulting in the PSP becoming un-bootable. This was officially reported by Symantec as Trojan.PSPBrick. After the release, many PSP homebrew sites came to a screeching halt to check every bit of homebrew for the trojan, to ensure safety for their users. Normal operation resumed shortly thereafter. Any files that are based on the toc2rta TIFF exploit (including the EBOOT Loader and the MPH Downgrader) are now seen as trojans by anti-virus programs, even if they are perfectly legitimate. PSPbrick.B A PSP bricker (see 'Trojan.

PSPBrick' above), known as 'SDL test' was circulating for a while. Its effects are the same as above, but is not detected by anti-virus programs. It is now of no threat. Tell us some more. Upload in Progress.

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After three beta versions, here is the first stable release of Custom Firmware 6.60ME Warning This program is only compatible with PSP 1000 and 2000 Flashable. Trying to install this on a PSP 2000V3 (inflashables), 3000 or on a PSP Go cause a brick that would make the console unusable. In addition, the program goes to the flash0 of your console, and is therefore likely to cause a brick. Or psp or the author of this program will not be held responsible for any brick on your console. Available recently, the 6.60 firmware for PSP has been quick to be studied by Neur0n and it decided to develop a custom firmware based on 6.60 to take the PSP scene at its best. After issuing the general public three and a beta version of its stable CF 6.60 ME, it offers today a new update and now in version 6.60 ME-1-1, with the appointment a few upgrades. What's up Doc?.

Updated version.txt loading. It is now possible to download the file from the path: ms0: / seplugins / version.txt. Update for NidResolver FuSaSD.prx. Remember that this program is only compatible with PSP Flashable say, ie the PSP 1000 and certain models of PSP 2000. To find out if your PSP 2000 is flashable, you must have a firmware at or below 6.39, install a HEN for your firmware (it may be necessary to update to 6.20, 6.35 or 6.39 for that) and use the utility.

If the number of your motherboard or less TA-88v2, your PSP is flashable and can take advantage of this custom firmware. If the number is less than TA-88v3, it is not flashable and can take advantage of this custom firmware link to download. Attention This program may bricker your console. Be sure to take the correct version for your console and instructions are followed. Or psp or the developer of this program will be responsible for any brick.

Neur0n is a Japanese developer who became known on the stage PSP with multiple projects: VSH Menu +, to collaborate in the development of Half Byte Loader, Visual Menu (menu alternative for the HBL ) and, more recently, Custom ME firmware. This is indeed our friend a few months of the archipelago is working on the firmware unofficial. Initially, the firmware 6.35 was in his sights. However, Sony began to update the firmware of the PSP, and Neur0n had, each time adapting. Arriving at 6.38 ME, the developer finally managed to make its program compatible with the PSP 1000. Finally arrived ME 6.39, and with it, the ME LCFW 6.39, a custom firmware non-permanent addressed to PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000. Only recently, with the arrival of version Beta of Light Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-8, the program became compatible with PSPgo.

Neur0n just update its (Light) Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.2, which goes to version 9.2. Fixed a bug with the ISO in the XMB;. A problem with the drive UMD was settled;. Ability to display the menu PBOOT with ISO. This menu is the same as we get by pressing the icon for a demo or game from the PSN in the XMB. This addition allows for the lines 'software manual' and 'update' on the ISO.

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PBOOT menu here on the demo of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact. Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.2 (PSP Flashable) Download, instructions and user manual available in the form of downloadable below. Link to download.