Motorola Cps Programming Software

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Hi all I would to know where can I found Full ' Motorola Programming software ' on CD. Regarding any RSS or CPS software from Motorola they DO NOT stock.

Motorola Cps Programming Software

Motorola Cps Programming Software


Radio Service Software Radio Service Software (RSS) is a software package used to program commercial Motorola two-way radios. RSS is a series of DOS-based programs all designed to run on very slow computers (286, 386, 486's).

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A variation of RSS is CPS, a Windows-based version of the package used for some of Motorola's newer radio models. Despite its highly prized, and sometimes mythical status, RSS is legally available to authorized people from Motorola. However, people applying for an RSS license are often subject to background checks, and not everyone who applies will have the privilege of spending the 200 to 300 dollars needed to download the most recent versions of the software. Unauthorized possession and use of RSS can lead to criminal charges and prosecution, as well as legal action by Motorola. For example on July 17 2000 Motorola filed lawsuits against five individuals that it accused of selling copies of RSS through E-Bay. Locations of websites that offer RSS for download are often jealously guarded by those in the know, as Motorola's legal team have divisions dedicated soley to searching out and destroying websites that offer RSS for download. As a result, most permanent RSS download sites are located amongst the legendary Russian underground hacker and pirate web domains, where Motorola's legal department have yet to exert their influence.

This is the source of the often visited but seldom spoken about 'Russian Site'. Any mention of the 'Russian Site' on the Batlabs' Batboards will lead to instant termination of membership privileges. There are also 'Lab' and 'Depot' versions of RSS, which officially don't exist outside of Motorola's repair and R&D depots. Both of these software packages allow you to add features & 'hack' options into two-way radios that the general public normally cannot have access to, including programming Trunked Radio Systems without the need of a propritary System Key. Possession of either 'Lab' or 'Depot' RSS is considered a very serious offense, and Motorola has been known to hit single individuals with lawsuits in the $60,000 range for the mere possession of these programs.