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Texture patch - Use memory patch launcher, no longer have to manually import files into Linkdata files. @all: - I decide to translate maps' name too (3957). After download the latest patch (Mar 21) you only have to import 3957v0.3 if you already import other files. Please follow exactly what I said in Instruction, because if you miss 1 step, it's easily to get your game crashed. So if you get error like '0xc00000135' it's because you missed step 7 'After import 1 file, I recommend that you should click BIN1 button to reload Orochi's bin file. It helps avoid the error / crash below.'

- The trainer / editor I upload here is the only tool to import / export bitmap or 3d models in game. So if u want to do it urself, just export files and use Photoshop or any software to edit them and import back. Btw i'm testing another way to patch w/o using this trainer.

Orochi meaning

Maybe i'll upload new launcher next week. @Guachibo: - Yeah I love to translate other stuff too but the problems here are OZ uses 2 pictures as font maps.

If you're a fan of the PS3 version of Warriors Orochi Z, this English language patch is well. It is our pleasure to release the Warriors Orochi Z (Musou.

So I still didn't find any way to translate the dialogs, names or descriptions. All I did is only translate the files they use bitmaps (titles, buttons, effects, etc.) On some Chinese forums, there might be some other tools to translate but I'm not sure. Still figure a way to translate that font maps. And I only know Japanese, not Chinese so it's pretty hard to search on these forums. Anyway, the patch I mentioned on my post is not work.

I don't know why, I followed exactly the instruction but it display wrong and in some cases cause crash. That patch simply scans the memory and replace the memory with the one we translate. Maybe I'll post some tools on this post so maybe someone will figure out how to use.

As for the new version of the trainer too. V1.6 and v1.7, can't export / import like version v1.4 (the one I upload). Anonymous I have a couple of questions this time.

I noticed in OPTIONS - GRAPHICS - ADVANCED have this option, BURUUMU. Is this right?

In my WO1 PC, it says DYNAMIC LIGHTING. You say now you able to translate dialog. I wonder if you also can translate VS Mode, Gallery, character name, weapon name, ability description, weapon element description, skill description, ability acquisition, strategy info, move list, game controls, scenario stage description, and anything that have text on it. I can help translating some like weapon name or stage description, but only WO1 aspect (because I only have WO1 PC).

Do you know what tool used to extract files from LINKDATA from WO1 PC? If I can extract it, maybe I can send it to you, it will help make translating faster, right? Thx for let me know, i'll fix that 'Buruumu'. I didn't play O1 on PC so I don't know what is Buruumu, just translate the Katakana to Romanji. I'm translating Dream mode and VS mode. The tools I use to translate diaglog didn't let me extract the name, description or weapon name.

It only allow extract Stages' infomation and then I use Hex edit to edit them. I'll try other tools if possible.

That's why now I focus on translate diablog in battles first. For O1 extracting tools, there're some on Chinese Forums, I'm not quite sured because it's already hard to look for OZ tools:) Last thing, I'm able to extract PS2 sounds, movies and replace to OZ but the problems is there are too many sounds. Up to 30k files in OZ.

So it's hard to match them up with PS2 sound. So I didn't plan to do that. @thx for your links. Btw those are only scripts of before and after battles or random shouts, KOs shouts, I can't edit them yet. But they'll be helpful in future:D The progress is I'll release diaglogs translation of 2 battles (O2-Shu 1,2). And what I meant the tools i'm using can only edit stages' infomation is including troops number, generals' drop items, notice and dialogs. But I don't intend to do anything other than translation.

And last thing, 'I really want to translate character names, weapons name or description for abilities, upgrade skills or strategies. BUT I CAN'T edit them atm' so please don't ask why I don't translate them first.

What about the link from GameFAQs? Did it help you translating? I can't wait to download and testing it. Do you need in-game notice like this: (example from O1 Shu 1) Make for the escape point! Make for the escape point by detouring to the west!

Zuo Ci has withdrawn from the battlefield! Yoshihiro Shimazu is approaching the main enemy camp! The main enemy force has detected the escape!

Ginchiyo Tachibana has appeared! Hurry to escape point! An allied officer is being held prisoner! Destroy the mobile prison cell and rescue the allied prisoners!

The enemy forces are advancing! The Ueda Castle defense forces have appeared! Zuo Ci is acting as a decoy! An allied officer is acting as a decoy! All gates of Ueda Castle have opened! Zhang He has appeared! The gate to the escape point has opened!

The escape point has been safely reached! It's OK, take your time. You're already done a great job by translating menu and many things. A million thank you to you. Yes, the script file from Gamefaqs is exactly the one I need. It took a long time to test more than I thought so I only can finish 1 stage:( and there're still some notice bugs that I don't know why.

I re-edit the file 3 times lol. Well, so you guys feel free to report any bugs here and I'll fix it later. At the begin of May I'll have a plenty of time. But not now, there're a lot of stupid assignments to do. And yes, I also need in-game notice since it included in the stage's information so I can translate it too. But they're less complicated and repeat alot so it's not as hard as the conversation.

Btw, the limited space to translate is really a big problem. Especially in notices, sometimes I have to cut all the words, just use main verb. So don't complain about the contraction or grammar errors:D.

You forgot to tell to backup LINKDATA2.BIN and LINKDATA2.IDX for dialog translation. Here in-game notice for O1 - Shu 2: Yue Ying is being held prisoner! The Orochi Army has appeared! Magoichi Saika has arrived!

Rescue Yue Ying! Magoichi Saika is requesting aid from the Coalition Army! Alliance formed with the Yue Ying Army!

A peasant militia has appeared as reinforcement for the Coalition Army! The gates of the first barrier have opened! The Orochi Army has released rolling boulders! The Orochi Army's boulders have been stopped! Zhao Yun has defeated 100 opponents!

The gates of the second barrier have opened! Yue Ying has been successfully rescued! The gates to the central square has closed!

An Orochi Army ambush has appeared! Defeat the enemy officers and break the enemy stranglehold! Orochi Army reinforcements has appeared!

The gates to the central square has opened! Escort Yue Ying to the escape point! The gates of the fourth barrier have opened! Zhang Bao has been routed by Munezane Shiroishi! The gates of the fifth barrier have opened!

The escape point has been safely reached! It's already good that someone like you can translate the game, so the contraction or grammar errors is not a problem for me as long as it's enough to understand the game story.

Can you make that the dialog translation as separate download? So if there is no change in the old translation, we only have to download the dialog translation.

I asked for this because my internet has limited bandwidth. I think the old translation is almost complete, right?

About the in-game notice, I will try send one or two stages info (start from Shu) to you at daily basis. I hope someone else also help you with this too, because the stages from O1 are so many. Orochi I - Shu Chapter 2X Jiang Wei is retreating to prepare an ambush! Lure out the enemy units from the west! Lure out the enemy units from the east!

The western enemy units have begun to advance toward the decoy unit! Lure the enemy units as fas as the ambush point! Avoid battle to ensure the ambush attack works! The Orochi Arm has launched a full attack!

The eastern enemy units have begun to advance toward the decoy unit! The western enemy units have successfully lured out! Lure out the remaining enemy units! The eastern enemy units have successfully lured out! The Jiang Wei Army has sprung an ambush! The Orochi Army's morale is falling!

Zhao Yun has defeated Zhou Fang! Alliance formed with the Jiang Wei Army! Jiang Wei has vowed to fight with the Coalition Army! Orochi I - Shu Chapter 3 Infiltrate Cheng Du Castle via the rear path! Do not allow the messengers to reach the enemy forces! The Coalition Army has been spotted by a messenger! A messenger has reached the enemy forces!

Enemy ambush troops have appeared! The enemy forces have launched a ferocious attack against Cheng Du Castle!

The Yuan Tan unit's morale is rising! The enemy forces have launched a full assault! Alliance formed with the Wei Yan Army!

Yukimura Sanada is advancing! The Coalition Army has launched a counterattack! Yukimura Sanada is vowed to fight with the Coalition Army! Da Ji has appeared!

Defeat Da Ji! And don't forget the 'Buruumu' in option menu. Here another in-game notices: Orochi I - Shu Chapter 3X Convince Pang De to defect to the Coalition Army! Orochi Army's stronghold has been seized! (if defeat any enemy base captain) Enemy ambush troops have appeared! The Hojo Army is surrounded! The Hojo Army's stronghold has fallen (if allied base captain was defeated) Ujimasa Hojo's loyalty is wavering!

The Ujimasa Hojo Unit's morale is falling! Rescue the Hojo Army! Wei Yan stands undaunted, blocking the path forward! Alliance formed with the Hojo Army! Ujiteru Hojo has been rescued!

Ujiteru Hojo has pledged to fight to the death! The Hojo Army's morale is rising! Pang De is beginning to doubt himself! Norihide Matsuda has been rescued! Norihide Matsuda has pledged to fight to the death! Ujinao Hojo has been rescued! Ujinao Hojo has pledged to fight to the death!

Ujinori Uesugi has been rescued! Ujinori Uesugi has pledged to fight to the death! The enemy forces are advancing upon the Hojo Army! The Hojo Army's morale is falling! Ujimasa Hojo has been rescued!

Ujimasa Hojo has pledged to fight to the death! Pang De is moved by the nobility and courage of the Coalition Army! The main body of the enemy forces has turned its attention to the Hojo Army! The Coalition Army's morale is rising!

Coordinate with the Hojo Army and attack the Orochi Army from both sides! The Hojo Army is preparig defend itself against the main enemy forces! Norihide Matsuda has been defeated! The main body of the enemy forces has been obliterated! The Coalition Army has turned its attention to Pang De! Pang De has vowed to fight with Yue Ying! Orochi I - Shu Chapter 4 The Meng Huo Army is engaged in combat with the Orochi Army!

Rescue Zhu Rong! Zhu Rong has requested the Coalition Army for aid! Zhu Rong has been successfully rescued! The gates of the northwestern defense base have opened!

Meng Huo is refusing to cooperate with the Coalition Army! Rescue the officers of the Meng Huo Army! Ensure that Meng Huo and Zhu Rong stay safe!

Alliance formed with the Meng Huo Army! Dong Tu Na has been successfully rescued! Dong Tu Na has temporarily retreated to recuperate! Meng Huo's stance toward the Coalition Army appears to be softening! Shortcut accessed! Ahui Nan is struggling!

Jinhuan Sanjie has been successfully rescued! Jinhuan Sanjie has temporarily retreated to recuperate! Meng Huo's stance toward the Coalition Army appears to be softening! Ahui Nan has been successfully rescued!

Ahui Nan has temporarily retreated to recuperate! Meng Huo's stance toward the Coalition Army appears to be softening! Orochi Army reinforcements have arrived! Reinforcements from the Meng Huo Army have arrived!

Meng Huo has vowed to fight with the Coalition Army! The Meng Huo Army is advancing! An Orochi Army ambush has appeared! Allied armored troops have arrived! The gates of the southern defense base have opened!

Here two more: Orochi I - Shu Chapter 4X The wooden boxes contain treasure hidden by Goemon Ishikawa! Goemon Ishikawa is demoralized! The Coalition Army's morale is rising!

Zhu Rong has defeated Miscreant! Goemon Ishikawa's treasure has been found! Goemon Ishikawa's speed has slowed! Miscreants have appeared! Goemon Ishikawa is hesitating, torn between fleeing and grabbing more treasure!

Okuni has appeared! Okuni is advancing toward Goemon Ishikawa! Goemon Ishikawa has altered his course! Kotara Fuma has appeared! Okuni is managing to slow Goemon Ishikawa down!

Alliance formed with Okuni! Musashi Miyamoto has appeared! Goemon Ishikawa is making for the escape point! Musashi Miyamoto has reappeared to pay his debt to Zhu Rong! (if you managed to defeat him) Goemon Ishikawa has vowed to fight with Ginchiyo Tachibana!

(if you defeat him) Goemon Ishikawa has escaped! As Goemon Ishikawa has escaped, the battle is lost! Orochi I - Shu Chapter 5 Rescue Liu Bei! Ensure the ship captain stays safe! Enemy ambush troops have appeared!

Advance, searching the empty castles on the way! The gates of the southeastern defense base have opened! Suspicious activity has been detected on top of the towers! The enemy plan has been successfully detected! Enemy ambush troops have appeared!

(right castle) The enemy plan has been successfully detected! Enemy ambush troops have appeared! (middle up castle) The enemy forces are advancing! Suspicious activity has been detected among allied troops! The suspicious allied troops are on the move! Zhao Yun has been defeated!

Enemy ambush troops have been spotted! The enemy plan has been successfully detected! (left castle) Liao Hua has been routed by Fusamoto Makabe! The ship captain is under enemy attack!

Ship Captain is struggling! The ship captain is struggling! Assist at once! The ship captain has been forced to flee! There is no longer any means of escape!

(if ship captain is defeated) The gates of Xin Di Castle have opened! Allied reinforcements have arrived! Yuan Shao has been rescued! Zhuge Liang has appeared! Sun Quan has appeared! The enemy forces have launched a full assault! Another two: Orochi I - Shu Chapter 5X The Coalition Army is advancing!

The eastern unit's progress is being blocked! The western unit's progress is being blocked! Work with Magoichi Saika and lure the enemy forces to the center of the battlefield! The eastern allied unit has halted its advance!

The western allied unit has halted its advance! The Orochi Army is advancing! Masamune Date is gathering his forces in the center! The eastern allied unit has resumed its advance! The western allied unit has resumed its advance!

Continue to lure the enemy forces to the center of the battlefield! Masamune Date is continuing to concentrate his forces in the center!

Hold the center of the battefield until the pincer movement can be executed! The eastern allied unit has accelerated its advance! The western allied unit has accelerated its advance! The flank units are advancing upon Masamune Date! The Orochi Army's morale is falling! The Coalition Army's morale is rising! Masamune Date has vowed to fight with Zhao Yun!

Orochi I - Shu Chapter 6 Hurry to rescue Sun Ce! The Wu Lan and Lei Tong units are moving to rescue Sun Ce! The Wang Ping unit are moving to lure out the Orochi Army! The eastern bypath gate has opened!

Xiahou Ba has been successfully lured out! The Coalition Army's morale is rising!

Sun Ce has been successfully rescued! Alliance formed with the Sun Ce Army! Cao Ren is fighting with fierce determination! The Orochi Army has temporarily halted their advance! Help Sun Ce defeat Sima Yi! The Coalition Army is advancing toward the planned fire attack location!

Eliminate all enemies from the planned fire attack location! Zhu Ran is advancing toward the planned fire attack location! Zhu Ran has begun preparations for the fire attack! Protect Zhu Ran until his fire attack ready!

The Xin Ping unit has arrived! Zhu Ran is preparing a fire attack! Kotaro Fuma has entered the battlefield! Kotaro Fuma has joined the orochi Army! Eliminate the intruder Kotaro Fuma! The intruder Kotaro Fuma has left the battlefield! Preparations for the fire attack are complete!

Fall back temporarily to lure the enemy officers to the fire attack site! The Orochi Army is advancing!

The Orochi Army is approaching the fire attack site! Fall back further and lure them into the trap! The fire attack has succeeded!

The Orochi Army's morale is falling! The enemy front line units are retreating! Pursue the enemy! The enemy is regrouping! Zhu Ran has defeated Xu Rong! The Xin Pi has arrived! The Coalition Army is victorious!

I'll make a movie tutorial soon since there're too many people asking me this. The tool I upload is the software allow you to export picture (texture) / 3D models to.DDS format (nvidia format). So you have to find a plugin to open dds in a photo editor (i use Photoshop) or convert tools to open in 3DS or Maya (i didn't try 3d models yet but I saw many tuts on Chinese forums). Btw not all text in OZ are pictures, that's why now I'm using OrochiZEditor (a famous tools for cheating Koei game on PC) to do extract text. It's not a tool for translating btw I can extract stages' infomation and use hexeditor to edit conversation / notices.

So I'm just trying to translation as much as I can with these 2 tools (大蛇无双Z全功能修改器 editor & OrochiZEditor 1.00 Build0124(Van)). Yeah, step 6-7 is the most important. There're many people did the wrong way and made linkdata1.bin crash.

So now you have to - use ur old back-up linkdata1.bin or linkdata1.idx. If u didn't back-up, so reinstall the game. open trainer, open import / export tool - open orochi z folder in the tool and wait for it loaded. select the number you want to import (ex: 03940) then click the import button (see the picture) and choose the file in my patch (03940done.bin). after you finish import 1 files. CLICK THE BIN1 button or open orochi Z folder again just to force the tool RE-LOAD your linkdata1.bin - after it reload, do the same things again, import another file (ex 03960) and then click BIN1. Etc untill all files are imported.

text-patch and dialog-patch are easy, just copy exe to Orochi Z folder and run them. This patch is so awesome now, This game is much more enjoyable now.

A million thanks for you. BTW, why don't you make that small english text above japan word for weapons name (like the characters name). I bet it's will better looking this way. Ex.: Dragon's Tail - Dragon's Tail Dragon T +20 - (japan word)+20 And I also notice that some character's name don't have space like DianWei & MiyamotoMusashi. And can you translate the stage conditions and treasure in battle menu too? Sorry for my many questions.

@Robby: yes, i'm still using the weapon's furigana (small text) to translate but sometime there's not enough space to do that. That's why I decide to use both (big & small text) to translate weapon name. So you'll see some weapon name is 'Dragon' and full name is in small text 'Fierce Dragon'. But sometimes I have to use both to translate it, such as NO's 4th weapon: Delicious Venom - small text 'delici.'

And big text 'venom'. Btw I will fix it to make it look good later. And about no space, it is also because of space limited too. Now I'm working on Map description (such as escape gate, name of mt, garrison.etc), Stage condition & Sub officers' name. A lot of works. But I still continue the dialog patch.

Complete O2-Wei1-2, I'll release when I done O2-Wei4. And last, I still continue translate O2 instead of O1 because I'm still farming my O2 on PS2. Lazy to change disc and almighty is much more better than O1:D. O1-Shu1 V: Defeat Cao Ren or Zhao Yun arrives at the Escape Point.

D: Zhao Yun is defeated. Coalition Army Zhang Bao Zhao Yun Orochi Army Cao Ren Diamondback Lancehead Mamushi Cottonmouth Yellowbelly Keelback Sidewinder Niu Jin Wang Shuang Cao Shang Deng Ai Wen Pin Zuo Ci Army Zuo Ci O1-Shu2 V: Yue Ying and Zhao Yun arrive at the Escape Point. D: Yue Ying or Yoshihisa Shimazu is defeated. Coalition Army Yoshihisa Shimazu Zhang Bao Wang Ping Zhao Yun Orochi Army Yoshitsugu Otani Copperhead Zhang Yan Murashige Araki Coachwhip Boomslang Yellowbelly Yue Ying Army Yue Ying O1-Shu2X V: Defeat Zhang He and Da Qiao.

D: Arinobu Yamada is defeated. Coalition Army Arinobu Yamada Yoshihisa Shimazu Zhang Bao Toyohisa Shimazu Zhao Yun Orochi Army Zhang He Da Qiao Naoyasu Akaza Tamehiro Hiratsuka Zhou Fang Niu Jin Sun Li Yang Xiu Su Fei Shigemasa Toda Jiang Wei Army Jiang Wei. O1-Shu3 V: Defeat Yuan Shao. D: Wei Yan is defeated. Coalition Army Zhang Bao Yuan Shao Army Nobuyuki Sanada Yuan Tan Yuan Xi Wen Chou Yan Liang Morinobu Nishina Shigenari Kimura Bitchu Kozuki Yorisada Yazawa Gao Lan Gao Gan Wei Yan Army Wu Lan Lei Tong Liao Hua O1-Shu3X V: Defeat Pang De. D: Yukimura Sanada is defeated. Coalition Army Teruzumi Akashi Matabei Goto Orochi Army Jia Xu Yoshinobu Satake Yoshishige Satake Nagayuki Miyoshi Masayasu Miyoshi Yoshikata Rokkaku Mamushi Cottonmouth Hojo Army Ujimasa Hojo Ujinori Uesugi Ujinao Hojo Norihide Matsuda Ujiteru Hojo O1-Shu4 V: Defeat Sima Yi.

D: Meng Huo or Zhu Rong is defeated. Decreto supremo 070 - 2017. Coalition Army Zhang Bao Liao Hua Orochi Army Hidemoto Mori Yan Baihu Wang Lang Zang Ba Hognose Patchnose Diamondback Mototsuna Kutsuki Yan Pu Naoyasu Akaza Tatsuoki Saito Yang Huai Meng Huo Army Dong Tu Na Ahui Nan Jianhuan Sanjie O1-Shu4X V: Defeat Goemon Ishikawa. D: Wei Yan is defeated, or Goemon Ishikawa arrives at the Escape Point.

Coalition Army Liao Hua Wu Lan Lei Tong Brigand Troop Sukeyasu Innoshima Narihide Kodama Munekatsu Nomi Yoshitaka Kuki Ujiyoshi Horinouchi Nagayasu Sogo O1-Shu5 V: Rescue Liu Bei. D: Ship captain is defeated. Coalition Army Zhang Bao Liao Hua Matabei Goto Katsunaga Mori Ship Captain Orochi Army Yoshitsugu Maeba Dong Min Xu Rong Li Ru Shigemoto Makabe Fusamoto Makabe O1-Shu5X V: Defeat Masamune Date. D: Magoichi Saika is defeated. Coalition Army Zhang Bao Kakuken Uwai Shigetomo Suzuki Wu Tugu Orochi Army Tsunamoto Oniniwa Cao Xing Zhang Xiu Kojuro Katakura Zhang Wei Dong Xi Guo Tu Feng Ji.

O1-Shu6 V: Defeat Sima Yi. D: Yoshihisa Shimazu or Sun Ce is defeated. Coalition Army Yoshihisa Shimazu Wu Lan Wang Ping Lei Tong Orochi Army Xiahou Ba Sima Zhao Guo Huai Cai Mao Zang Ba Xu Rong Niu Fu Niu Jin Zhu Ring Messenger Sun Ce Army Liu Han O1-Shu6X V: Defeat Mitsunari Ishida. D: Meng Huo is defeated. Coalition Army Orochi Army Mi Fang Wei Xu Ji Ling Wang Shuang Cao Xing Yue Jin Mitsuuji Ujiie Hidetsuna Sakenobe Minbu Satomi Mitsuyasu Shimura Mitsunao Tateoka Swordsman Troop Munenori Yagyu Nagamasa Kuroda Yoshimasa Tanaka Kanesuke Susukida O1-Shu7 V: Rescue Liu Bei. D: Toshihisa Shimazu is defeated.

Coalition Army Toshihisa Shimazu Nobuyuki Sanada Wang Ping Zhang Bao Matabei Goto Shigenari Kimura Orochi Army Diamondback Fei Yi Zhou Cang Ma Liang Mi Zhu Ma Su Fa Zheng Sun Qian Yang Yi Coachwhip Jiang Wan O1-Shu7X V: Peasant arrives at the Escape Point. D: All of the Peasants are defeated. GuruguruMusou Hi,Holy Sword. Thanx for your tuts on using OrochiZeditor(and for uploading those files too,hehe).I totally clueless coz it in Chinese!

I wanna ask you how you edit those bin file. That editor can only import.bin,right?How did you insert your edited bmp?

I have few skill in Photoshop and succecfully patched some DW6 charas skin with SSM5editor(I deleted`UK` in`LINKDATAUK.bin` to make that editor working). SSM5editor can import bmp and png,so can you explain how exactly you import your great jobs? Thanx before. @all: sorry for the mistyped Texture patch May 24 links. There're an extra http//. You can get it here: I've already fix the link above btw.

@guruguruMusou: the tool i upload above is for both import & export. You can't not edit.bin file but you can export files in 1 bin files, such as: there are 85.DDS files in 03940.

After export them, you can edit in Photoshop for example, but you need a DDS plugins for Photoshop. You can get in my mediafire folder also: Btw for this English patch, I have to use many tools to translate, because not all texts are in bitmap files. So I also have to use OrochiZEditor + Hexeditor to translate dialogs and hexedit the OrochiZ.exe. O1-Wei6X V: Defeat Dong Zhuo.

D: Cao Zhen or Zhen Ji is defeated. Coalition Army Cao Zhen Cao Xiu Hideie Ukita Orochi Army Dong Min Li Ru Minbu Satomi Fan Chou Tao Qian Yoshishige Satake Yoshinobu Satake Shigemoto Makabe Fusamoto Makabe Mitsuuji Ujiie Mitsuyasu Shimura Yoshiaki Mogami Hidetsuna Sakenobe Li Meng Zhen Ji Army Tadaoki Hosokawa O1-Wei7 V: Rescue Dong Zhuo. D: The main camp falls.

Coalition Army Cao Zhang Li Dian Xiahou Wei Xiahou De Yue Jin Orochi Army Hu Zhen Tao Qian Li Su Zhang Ying Hooknose Copperhead Da Ji Army O1-Wei7X V: Rescue Dong Zhuo. D: The main camp falls. Coalition Army Xiahou Wei Xiahou De Orochi Army Yuan Shu Kojuro Katakura Shigezane Date Tsunamoto Oniniwa Masakage Rusu Boomslang Hognose Keelback Bushmaster Chen Lan Mamushi Honda Army Tadamasa Honda Tadatomo Honda O1-Wei8 V: Defeat Orochi. D: Cao Cao is defeated. Coalition Army Cao Rui Naoyori Shinjo Hidemoto Mori Suketada Ogawa Chuko Shimozuma Yoshitsugu Maeba Orochi Army Copperhead Coachwhip Sidewinder Hognose Patchnose Yellowbelly Keelback Urutu Diamondback Hidemune Date Tsunenaga Hasekura Tsunamoto Oniniwa O1-Wei8X V: Defeat Orochi. D: Cao Cao is defeated.

Coalition Army Hidemoto Mori Hao Zhao Naoyasu Akaza Tamehiro Hiratsuka Hiroie Kikkawa Shigemasa Toda Yue Jin Suketada Ogawa Orochi Army Keelback Copperhead Sidewinder Hognose Patchnose Yellowbelly Minbu Satomi Mitsuyasu Shimura Mitsunao Tateoka Mitsushige Nobesawa Nagayuki Miyoshi Kazuhide Nakamura Kazutada Nakamura Murashige Araki Tomomichi Iwanari Diamondback Coachwhip Urutu Mitsuuji Ujiie Hidetsuna Sakenobe. Sorry if I'm late. I have a health issue in these past weeks. So there you are, another victory condition and sub officer name. O1-Wei1 V: Defeat Huang Hai. D: Cao Zhang or Da Ji is defeated.

Orochi Army Cao Zhang Yue Jin Resistance Army Danemon Ban Rairyu Shimozuma Rairen Shimozuma Nobuchika Chosokabe Morichika Chosokabe Da Ji Army O1-Wei2 V: Defeat Nobunaga Oda. D: Cao Hong or Da Ji is defeated.

Orochi Army Cao Hong Cao Zhang Yoshitsugu Otani Yue Jin Resistance Army Ittetsu Inaba Morinari Ando Bokuzen Ujiie Ujisato Gamo Toshiie Maeda (not from O2) Da Ji Army O1-Wei2X V: Defeat all enemy officers. D: Cao Zhang is defeated, or the main camp falls. Orochi Army Cao Zhang Xu Shu Suketada Ogawa Cao Hong Yoshitsugu Otani Resistance Army King Duosi Dailai Dongzhu We Tugu Zhang Bao Shigenari Kimura Meng You Meng Jie Zhang He Troop O1-Wei3 V: Defeat Sun Ce.

D: Cao Xiu is defeated, or Sun Ce successfully escapes. Orochi Army Cao Xiu Resistance Army Cheng Pu Nobuyasu Matsudaira Naomasa Ii Tadayo Okubo Nobumasa Matsudaira Liu Han Da Ji Army O1-Wei3X V: Defeat Nene. D: Dong Zhuo is defeated.

Orochi Army Xu Shu Yue Jin Gao Shun Wei Xu Song Xian Hua Xiong Yan Yu Resistance Army Kiyomasa Kato Masanori Fukushima Harunaga Ono Katsunaga Mori Hideyori Toyotomi Hidetsugu Hashiba Hidenaga Hashiba Hideaki Kobayakawa Shigetomo Takayama Yukinaga Konishi Goemon Ishikawa Troop O1-Wei4 V: Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan and Pang Tong. D: The main camp falls. Orochi Army Cao Zhang Cao Hong Xu Shu Resistance Army Xiahou Hui Xiahou Wei Xiahou Mao Xiahou De Liu Ye Li Dian Xiahou He Xiahou Shang Sun Shang Xiang Army Dong Xi O1-Wei4X V: Defeat all enemy officers. D: Cao Xiu is defeated. Orochi Army Cao Xiu Yue Jin Hao Zhao Man Chong Resistance Army Yasutomo Asahina Motonobu Okabe Mototsuna Okabe Nagatada Ogasawara O1-Wei5 V: Defeat Da Ji.

Orochi Meaning

D: Cao Pi is defeated. Coalition Army Cao Zhang Naoyasu Akaza Suketada Ogawa Shigemasa Toda Tamehiro Hiratsuka Hidemoto Mori Orochi Army Kazutada Nakamura Copperhead Mitsushige Nobesawa Mototsuna Kutsuki Minbu Satomi Huang Gai Army Yoshitaka Kuki Chuko Shimozuma O1-Wei5X V: Defeat Dong Zhu. D: Mitsunari Ishida or Diao Chan is defeated. Coalition Army Yue Jin Orochi Army Guo Shi Hua Xiong Dong Min Fan Chou Li Jue Li Ru Li Su Yellowbelly Sidewinder Niu Fu Diao Chan Troop O1-Wei6 V: Defeat Nagamasa Azai. D: The main camp falls.

Coalition Army Cao Zhang Hiroie Kikkawa Ekei Ankokuji Azai Army Kiyotsuna Akao Masazumi Azai Sadayuki Atsuji Kazumasa Isono Naganori Yamazaki Tsunachika Kaiho Naoyori Shinjo Keijun Miyabe Yoshimune Kawai Nagashige Tomita Da Ji Army. O1-Wu1 V: Defeat Ma Cao and Ranmaru Mori. D: The main camp falls. Orochi Army Lu Su Hidetada Tokugawa Cheng Pu Han Dang Kazumasa Ishikawa Resistance Army Han Sui Ma Dai Yang Qiu Yoshinari Mori Tadamasa Mori Zhang Bao O1-Wu2 V: Defeat all enemy officers. D: The main camp falls.

Orochi Army Cheng Pu Zhu Zhi Tadayoshi Matsudaira Masanari Naito Resistance Army Nobuchika Chosokabe Kiyohide Nakagawa Shigeyasu Suzuki Morichika Chosokabe Naoshige Nabeshima Zhu Ran Ling Cao Da Ji Army O1-Wu2X V: Defeat Mitsuhide Akechi. D: The main camp falls. Orochi Army Lu SU Tadasuke Okubo Hidemasa Ogasawara Ujishige Niwa Tadayoshi Matsudaira Resistance Army Yoshinaga Asano Bokuzen Ujiie Yoshiaki Kato Tsuneoki Ikeda Narimasa Sassa Shigetomo Akechi Nobuharu Tsuda Katsumasa Shibata Mitsuharu Fuwa O1-Wu3 V: Defeat Xing Cai. D: The main camp falls.

Orochi Army Zhu Zhi Cheng Pu Han Dang Tadayo Okubo Naomasa Ii Resistance Army Wang Ping Arinaga Yamada Zhang Bao Zhang Yi Li Yan Hisataka Kabayama Tadamoto Niiro Hisatora El Lei Tong O1-Wu3X V: Defeat all enemy officers. D: No is defeated. Coalition Army Orochi Army Li Jue Fa Zheng Dong Min Zhu Ring Hu Che Er Yan Baihu Messenger No Army O1-Wu4 V: Rescue Sun Jian. D: Sun Ce or Sun Jian is defeated.

Coalition Army Lu SU Orochi Army Hao Zhao Cao Zhang Shigenaga Honjo Wen Pin Zang Ba Mamushi Sun Jian Army Jiang Qin Saizo Kani O1-Wu4X V: Defeat Zhen Ji. D: Nobuyasu Matsudaira is defeated. Coalition Army Nobuyasu Matsudaira Mototada Torii Orochi Army Xing Daorong Hu Che Er Yoshikata Rokkaku O1-Wu5 V: Defeat Sun Quan.

D: Lu Su is defeated. Coalition Army Lu SU Zhu Zhi Han Dang Cheng Pu Orochi Army Yoshimasa Tanaka Nagamasa Kuroda Chen Shi Su Fei O1-Wu5X V: Defeat Dong Zhuo. D: Either Zhu Zhi or Da Qiao is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Zhu Zhi Hidetada Tokugawa Naomasa Ii Lu SU Yasumasa Sakakibara Tadatsugu Sakai Orochi Army Hua Xiong Cao Xing Song Xian Mitsushige Nobesawa Li Meng Mi Fang Minbu Satomi Tatsuoki Saito Deng Ai Murashige Araki Zhong Hui Wei Xu Wang Shuang Guo Huai Gao Shun Hu Zhen Ji Ling Da Qiao Army O1-Wu6 V: Defeat Sun Quan.

D: Lu Su is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Lu Su Naomasa Ii Han Dang Cheng Pu Tadayoshi Matsudaira Hidemasa Ogasawara Naotaka Ii Orochi Army Sun Shao Xu Sheng Zhu Huan Ding Feng Cao Zhen Hao Zhao Yu Jin Gao Shun Fu Shi Ren Nagayuki Miyoshi Cao Hong Yue Jin Yoshitsugu Otani Satoie Gamo Cao Zhang Hiroie Kikkawa. O1-Wu6X V: Defeat Keiji Maeda.

D: Lu Meng is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Masanobu Honda Orochi Army Kagetsugu Amakasu Dokyu Yamagami Takeyoshi Murakami Yoshimitsu Murakami Yang Huai Yan Pu Mitsuyasu Shimura Tositsune Maeda Cao Xing O1-Wu7 V: Defeat Da Ji. D: Lu Su, Sun Jian, or Sun QUan is defeated.

Coalition Army Lu SU Zhu Zhi Han Dang Cheng Pu Jiang Qin Dong Xi Orochi Army Niu Jin Guo Huai Coachwhip Sima Zhao Hua Xiong Zhu Ling Wen Pin Cai Mao Xin Ping Zang Ba Mi Fang Patchnose Fu Shi Ren Xu Sheng Zhu Huan Ding Feng Zhuge Jin Sun Jian Army O1-Wu7X V: Defeat Tadakatsu Honda. D: Lu Meng is defeated. Coalition Army Tadatsugu Sakai Yasumasa Sakakibara Naomasa Ii Xu Sheng Zhu Huan Honda Army Tadamasa Honda Tadatomo Honda Muneyori Yagyu Shigekata Togo Tadaaki Ono Kanesuke Susukida O1-Wu8 V: Defeat Orochi. D: Su Jian is defeated, or the main camp falls.

Coalition Army Sun Shao Zhu Zhi Jiang Qin Cheng Pu Chen Shi Zhu Huan Dong Xi Xu Sheng Orochi Army Diamondback Zhong Hui Xing Daorong Zhang Ji Hognose Urutu Keelback Yellowbelly Yan Yu Cao Xing Lei Bo Wen Pin Wei Xu Gao Shun Chen Lan Mi Fang Zhang Yan Yang Huai Song Xian Yan Baihu Hu Che Er Li Jue Lu Su Xu Rong Li Meng Hua Xiong O1-Wu8X V: Defeat Orochi. D: Hidetada Tokugawa is defeated.

Coalition Army Hidetada Tokugawa Chikayoshi Hiraiwa Tositsune Maeda Tadamasa Mori Yukinaga Konishi Chunyu Qiong Yasumasa Ishikawa Zhu Zhi Orochi Army Sidewinder Lu Kuang Lei Bo Chen Lan Tsunamoto Oniniwa Shigenaga Katakura Hidemune Date Tsunenaga Hasekura Lu Xiang Li Su Zhang Ji Cao Xing Boomslang Yang Huai Diamondback. @atm, you have to manually use the trainer I uploaded above to import texture patch (BIN files), read the instruction or watch the Flash movie to know how to apply texture patch. The text patch (patch.exe) only required to run at OZ folder and the dialog patch (orochiz.exe) only have to overwrite the original one.

If you have an error with linkdata1 or crash game, you have to use your backup linkdata1.bin & linkdata1.idx. If you didn't backup them, you have to re-install the game and apply texture patch again. It's easy but a little confuse, so it's easy to crash if you don't follow EXACTLY what I wrote or the FLASH video. BTW, i'll release 8 O2-Wei chapters and the launcher on this weekend. You guys will no longer have to manually import directly into linkdata1.bin anymore. @robotdeer: I'll check it again, it's written by a Chinese so I'm not sure much since my computer doesn't have any anti-virus software.

But the window said that because your AVG already move / quarrantine it so window can't not access to 'ldrAcc.exe'. And dialog patch usually takes around 10s to run but sometime it rebuilt your Linkdata file so it'll take around 5-10 min. If you open your Orochi Z folder when it is patching, you'll see there's a temp file that is increasing size, and when it's around 1.7Gb, it'll finish. GuruguruMusou Hi,its me again.You guys really are hardworker aren't you?

Salute for you,keep up the good job!Well,i wanna report something.I played in Chaos and then make interim save.When i go to main menu, the continue windows show EASY in difficulty info.Maybe you can fix that.And,Clan names in story mode select i think its better with original kanji(like DW6 US).You can put small english text on the bottom of Clan names(its editable texture,right?).Well,thats just my suggestion for better looking:D.Thanks again. You can try edit ldrset.ini, with width & height is your screen's and stretch = 1. I didn't test it, always run in window modes since my LCD is 4:3. about the title, praticaly I can edit it but I have to remake some elements and i don't think it's importanct so save it for later. about the texture patch, someone reported that the exe contains trojan so someone plz check it for me with Bitdefend, kaspersky or something. about the clan name, I edit it like the Orochi 1 English but your idea is not bad.

And I don't really like the font I am using for them too. Maybe i'll use ur idea - and thx for your notice. I'll fix that difficulty error.

Anonymous You're doing really great work.thumbs up. There is no real trojan in your exe, but the code resembles one. My avira pops up as well, screaming at me to delete your file. I'm tempted to do so, but for another reason - the forced screen-mode is a pain in the ass. Don't know why, but my screen is always darker, when running windows. I start a fullscreen-game, it brightens up, I change it to windows-mode, it gets darker.

Isn't really a problem except when playing darker games. WOZ has some quite dark levels and those are getting next to unplayable when in window-mode. There is no use in editing the launcher to stretch the window for it stays what it is - a window.

So plz, make the graphic options and especially the full-screen available with your launcher - or release the bin files of your latest launchers as well so that we can choose to update manually or run your launcher =). Yeah, i'm thinking of change the clan's name, but I'll do when I have time. I'll save time for correct all the typo later, so just report / comment all bugs u guys found here and I'll fix them all. About the fullscreen: if you want to run fullscreen with the launcher, just open ldrset.ini and set the weight, height you want (i prefer desktop size) and run launcher, go to graphic option and set to fullscreen.

You only can't change the resolution when using launcher but still can use fullscreen, I've already tested! - And i'm pretty busy right now. Always back home around 8pm+. But I'll have a laptop pretty soon, so I hope the progress will be faster.

I'm begin translating again. Fix some textures for better looking & some minor typo, hex edit all sub-generals name & condition for O1-Shu & try to finish conversation for O2-Wei 3-8 too (i had the scripts but now have to match them with japanese & hex edit). I'm a Flash designer so I have a little knowledge of programming, only some basic logic for program game. So don't expect me do anything involve programming.

All patch I using are mostly created by Chinese (OrochiZEditor, Editor, launcher, RPGViewer.) - I don't know when I can finish this, there're still many text & texture I can't (or didn't found) edit. Generals name - it keeps appear??? If I hex them to English. Generals Avatar (at camp screen) & Stage name (at battle menu) - the extractor don't allow me to etract them as a pack (many frames) only as a picture (which is the first generals - Zhao Yun; first stage - Battle of Shi Ting).

I think the extractor isn't complete but the same for v1.6 (last version for Japanese OZ) and RPGViewer has the same problems. Maybe because of OZ's BIN files.

Pre-battle or after battle conversation - I found them on BIN files but OrochiZEditor doesn't support patching automatic (like the Dialog patch). So I'll save it for later & asking my friends to make a small patch for them later.

So you can post this patch anywhere, just keep the readme.txt or reference this blog so people can get the update. The patch contains 3 seperated files: DIALOG PATCH (dialog patch.exe), TEXTURE PATCH (ldr launcher), TEXT PATCH (OrochiZ.exe). You have to download all 3 files to patch the game (Well I intend to put them all together but someone request to seperate them and I think it's good though) - About the Fullscreen problem, I didn't see that before. My PC is around 4-5 years old (CPU 3Ghz, 1 Gb ram, 256M ATI). Btw, try reduce all the settings in advance settings and save, maybe it change the settings when you switch to fullscreen. I'm not sure. Anonymous Hi man, First of all I want to thank you for all this effort.

It's people like you that make the world a little brighter once in a while:). However, I haven't been able to fully use your patch, since I can't seem to find the Launcher that's mentioned in the texture part. I download the latest patch (dated 24 march) and in it are only the BIN files mentioned in the flash. When I try to open them using the Trainer I seem to fail even though I follow the instructions to the letter. Perhaps you can help me find this launcher and explain how to extract everything into my MOZ folder? Lovag I did everything. Now in my Orochi Z folder are these: bgm, data movie, Reg, for limited, Zadion, Ver1.3 64bit folders and LINKDATA1, LINKDATA2, LINKDATA3 Readme unins000, OROCHIZ, OROCHIZ(untouch), Zadion from Ali, ldrset, ldrACC, ACCload.dll, Dialog trans (June 23) files.

The Dialog trans (June 23) says: Processing Patch 4251: Done Processing Patch 4252: Done Processing Patch 4253: Done Processing Patch 4254: Done Processing Patch 4255: Done Processing Patch 4256: Done Processing Patch 4257: Done Processing Patch 4258: Done Processing Patch 4259: Done Processing Patch 4260: Done Processing Patch 4075: Done Success! Press any key. Ipess enter, and start warriors orochi z.

The mainmenu is englis. I enter the story mode and than the Shu story (warriors orochi 1) I select the first map. Than comes a video, and than the a voce started to speak japanase and the subtitle is also japanase. Then i start the map, and Zhao Yun is sitting in a prison, and start to speak japanase, and the subtitle is japanase too. If i skip this the subtitles still japanase.

I also tried the latest versions with zan programe but it didnt work. @pamela: thx, I fixed that typo in this Aug 09 released. Btw, did your name come from the ghost girl from Mana Khemia 1?:D - If you want fullscreen, first run the game without launcher and go to option, graphic and set to fullscreen and change resolution to 4:3. Then option, save, quit game and use launcher. Stretch=1 simply stretch your game window to the resolution you set in.ini file. If u get a error like can't open linkdata, please make sure the game is not running or any other programm is accessing it.

And well, you have to run dialog.exe inside Orochi Z folder. If you can't find Limited / Zadion, please make sure you download the latest Texture patch (which is Aug 09 by now). There are 2 versions of texture patch: with launcher and without launcher for old people who are familiar with import tool. Holy Sword, I don't know if you still need this or not, but I am posting this anyway. O1-Samurai1 V: Defeat Cao Pi.

D: Nobutada Oda, Huang Zhong, or Guan Ping is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Hideyori Toyotomi Nagahide Niwa Hanbei Takenaka Meng Da Orochi Army Xu Rong Boomslang Man Chong Guo Jia Naoyasu Akaza Suketada Ogawa Shigemasa Toda Diamondback Huang Zhong Army Gongsun Yue O1-Samurai2 V: Nobunaga Oda arrives at Honnoji.

D: Nobutada Oda or Cao Cao is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Toshiie Maeda (NPC) Nagahide Niwa Meng Da Orochi Army Xu Sheng Ding Feng Takatsugu Kyogoku Sadatsugu Tsutsui Cao Cao Army O1-Samurai2X V: Defeat Sima Yi and Peasant arrives at the Escape Point. D: Peasant is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Hidemitsu Akechi Toshiie Maeda (NPC) Gongsun Yue Orochi Army Wang Shuang Guo Huai Zhong Hui Xin Pi Sima Zhao Wang Lang Ma Chao Army Peasant Peasant Peasant Peasant Peasant O1-Samurai3 V: Defeat Zhang Jiao, Okuni, Xiao Qiao and Sakon Shima.

D: The main camp falls. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Zhang Ren Sadakatsu Murai Bian Xi Jian Yong Yang Xiu Kanbei Kuroda Zhang Jiao Army Zhang Bao Zhang Liang Junkei Tsutsui Nobukimi Anayama Yu Ji Kuai Liang Zhang Man Cheng Katsumoto Katagiri Lu Gong Cheng Yuanzhi Deng Mao Guan Hai O1-Samurai3X V: Defeat Cao Ren.

D: Either Nobutada Oda or Luu Xun is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Hidemitsu Akechi Hideyori Toyotomi Toshiie Maeda (NPC) Zhang Ren Orochi Army Guo Jia Hao Zhao Yue Jin Xu Shu Cao Zhang Cheng Yu Man Chong Naoyasu Akaza Yoshitsugu Otani Suketada Ogawa Hiroie Kikkawa Shigemasa Toda Tamehiro Hiratsuka Masataka Kasahara Hidemoto Mori Lu Xun Army O1-Samurai4 V: Defeat Dong Zhuo and Sakon Shima arrives at the Escape Point. D: Nobutada Oda or Sakon Shima is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Yoshimasa Tanaka Narimasa Sassa Hirohide Hirate Hidemitsu Akechi Orochi Army Tomomichi Iwanari Murashige Araki Nagayuki Miyoshi Masayasu Miyoshi Hua Xiong Xu Rong Niu Fu Lu Jue Li Ru Dong Min Tao Qian Guo Si Sakon Shima Troop O1-Samurai4X V: Defeat Dong Zhuo. D: The main camp falls.

Coalition Army Hanbei Takenaka Zhang Man Cheng Kanbei Kuroda Toshinaga Maeda Orochi Army Niu Fu Guo Si Hua Xiong Xu Rong Hu Che Er Fan Chou Li Su Yoshinobu Satake Fusamoto Makabe Dong Min. O1-Samurai5 V: Defeat Da Ji. D: The main camp falls. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Hidemitsu Akechi Nagahide Niwa Shigetomo Takayama Meng Da Guan Hai Cheng Yuanzhi Zhang Ren Sun Li Nobumori Sakuma Liu Feng Orochi Army Mi Fang Yang Huai Sun Shao Wei Xu Ji Ling Yan Pu Yan Yu Nobushige Oyamada Naoshige CHiba Coachwhip Hognose Patchnose Keelback Urutu Kazutada Nakamura Tatsuoki Saito O1-Samurai5X V: Defeat Cao Pi and Sun Quan. D: Shingen Takeda or Kenshin Uesugi is defeated.

Musou Meaning

Coalition Army Ujisato Gamo Zhang Ren Orochi Army Hao Zhao Zhu Huan Man Chong Takatora Todo Chen Shi Ekei Ankokuji Yoshisugu Otani Satoie Gamo Yue Jin Hiroie Kikkawa Hideyasu Yuki Masaie Natsuka Zhuge Luo Nagamasa Kurudo Takeda-Uesugi Army Kageie Kakizaki Kansuke Yamamoto O1-Samurai6 V: Defeat Cao Pi. D: Nobutada Oda is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Hanbei Takenaka Masachika Matsuda Kaneaki Mimaki Ittetsu Inaba Orochi Army Hideyasu Yuki Chen SHi Ding Feng Pan Zhang Ma Zhong Yu Jin Yue Jin Fu Shi Ren Zhang Yan Yoshitsugu Maeba Naoyasu Akaza Suketada Ogawa Hidemoto Mori Tamehiro Hiratsuka Shigemasa Toda Hao Zhao Cao Hong Cao Zhang Cao Zhen O1-Samurai6X V: Defeat Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi.

D: Nobutada Oda is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Mitsuharu Fuwa Hidemasa Hori Nagahide Niwa Yasumasa Sakuma Zhang Ren Nagachika Kanamori Leng Bao Orochi Army Mamushi Cottonmouth O1-Samurai7 V: Defeat Da Ji. D: Nobutada Oda is defeated, or the main camp falls. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Meng Da Kazumasu Takigawa Nagayoshi Mori Yoshiaki Kato Narimassa Sassa Ittetsu Inaba Bokuzen Ujiie Toshiie Maeda (NPC) Orochi Army Chen Lan Mi Fang Mitsuyasu Shimura Kojuro Katakura Nobuyasu Giti Shigezane Date Sidewinder Lancehead Chinori Suibara Dokyu Yamagami Michiyasu Kurushima Yoshimitsu Murakami Yan Baihu Shigenaga Honjo Zhang Ji Yang Huai Yan Pu Cao Xing Coachwhip Lei Bo O1-Samurai7X V: Defeat Masamune Date. D: Huang Zhong is defeated. Coalition Army Yasuharu Wakisaka Mitsuharu Fuwa Yan Tan Orochi Army Koroku Hachisuka Shigemoto Makabe Wang Lang Zhang Ying Zhag Lu Chen Gong Guo Jia Hognose Keelback O1-Samurai8 V: Defeat Orochi. D: Nobutada Oda is defeated.

Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Meng Da Liu Feng Masakiyo Morozumi Hanbei Takenaka Shigeie Shibata Nagahide Niwa Orochi Army Sadatsugu Tsutsui Minbu Satomi Yan Baihu Shigemoto Makabe Kazutada Nakamura Zhang Ji Mi Fang Boomslang Hognose Patchnose Copperhead Bushmaster Urutu Yellowbelly O1-Samurai8X V: Defeat Orochi. D: Nobutada Oda is defeated. Coalition Army Nobutada Oda Nobumori Sakuma Huangfu Song Hanbei Takenaka Koroku Hacisuka Orochi Army Boomslang Lu Kuang Lu Xiang Cao Xing Urutu Sidewinder Sadaoki Ise Yasuie Namikawa No Army Tadaoki Hosokawa Zhu Jun.