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As long ago as May 2001, at the annually held Electronic Entertainment Expo, Ubi Soft announced that it would be bringing a rally racer to GameCube. However, more than a year of total silence went by before Ubi Soft slipped out in the U.S. As the first rally title on GameCube it's certainly in a class of its own, and with a focus on being more accessible and arcadey it's pretty easy to jump into for beginners; however, for rally experts it may proof too basic to be worth any interest.

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There seems to be some disagreement between the idea of being a 'pro rally' driver and making that style accessible to everyone. For example, you have to earn a license in the School sessions before you can even begin a career in Championship mode.

For experienced rally players, this will pose no problems, but for those new to the sport, it can be pretty frustrating. Instead, we would have liked to see earning a license - which is basically a tutorial - handled differently. If in fact Pro Rally 2002 intends to be highly accessible, earning your marks for your license as you progressively approached harder tracks would have made for a smoother progression.

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All cars Enter MACHOMAN as a name. Sent by DayleJ. All cars, tracks and modes Enter PEROPAVO as a name. Sent by DayleJ. All game modes Enter PACMAN as a name. Sent by DayleJ. All tracks Enter MORATA as a name. Sent by DayleJ. Challenge mode Enter CUAQUEZ as a name. Sent by DayleJ. Championship in professional mode Enter OOOH SI as a name. Sent by DayleJ.

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Trophy mode Enter MADDUCK as a name. Sent by DayleJ. Thursday, January 18, 2018 More and more updates coming daily.

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