Virtual Wifi Hotspot For Windows Xp

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Virtual Wifi Hotspot  For Windows Xp

Turn PC Into Virtual WiFi Hotspot With WiFi HotSpot Creator. Hotspot can help create virtual WiFi hotspot on your laptop. It works perfectly on Windows 7, XP.

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Advertisement People who use USB dongle modems to connect to the Internet often cannot use the same Internet on their phones. A quick and easy solution to this is creating a Wi-Fi hotspot through your computer. Here to help do this is an app called Virtual Wi-Fi Router. Virtual Wi-Fi Router is a free desktop application for Windows computers.

Download Virtual Wifi Hotspot For Windows 7

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Windows Xp Wifi Software

To use the app, your computer must have Wi-Fi capabilities. The app is a very small download and it sets up rather quickly. You are required to configure your adapter for the first run – detailed instructions for this are provided on the app’s site. What sets this tool apart from other hotspot creators are its future features. The app is continuously evolving and incorporating actual router-like features, instead of simply being a connection point.