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Response to 2004-04-19 16:47:00 Here you are. (Note: I didnt type this I copied it.) Frank's Adventure 3 Walktru. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- You'll begin as Frank's got a phone call from an alien from outer space.

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Franks Adventure 1 Still one of the most popular flashgame series on the internet! Frank´s Adventure games have been downloaded far more than 25 million times! Apr 23, 2004 Could sum 1 plz email me the guide 2 franks adventure 3? Im really stuck on it. Emails 2 plz. Join Frank on a totally epic sex adventure that totally doesn't involve butt probing! Click to play free Franks Adventure 3 online!

As summary to that (as always), they (the aliens) need you to gather 6 pics. Here's the guide.Hint: West Town: The town you start the game East Town: The town that situated after you went across the bridge.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= If you're stuck anywhere, do either of this: Near the sea/water: Fishing and hit Q for quiting and then try moving the character as usual. Shops/Diner/Places you can get into: Met the person back, and let him/she finish the conversation, and then hit Retreat or Close Windows. After that try moving the character as usual. Yes, there is SO MANY glitches. Pes 2012 ps3 torrent. But don't blame me, i just play the game.

Ask the developer to fix it.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1)First of all, you'll need to buy all the fishing tools before proceeding to next.There is this one girl who lost her bracelet. After you bought all the item as follows: (Go to Fishing Supplies shop) i. Fishing Rod ii. Old Sait Bait iii. Small dick bait iv.


Frank Adventure 3

Long dick bait v. Strong mosquito bait Using the fishing rod and with whatever bait you can choose, go to the Dolphin Show pool and do some fishing. There's a bracelet lying down at the bottom of the pool. Get that bracelet back (using fishing rod) and go to the girl who had lost it. That girl is situated at East Town (need to across the bridge).Find her and she will reward you with a pic of her. 2)In the East Town, meet with Wilma and buy 2 gramms of Cocain from her.

Go the to following place and give 1 gramm each. On the brigde, there's one girl over there. Near the light tower, there's one girl waiting. There you have it 3 pix already. Let's proceed.

3)Next things to do is you'll need to do some fishing again. This time real fish.well flash-looking one. Navigate yourself to a place where you can meet with a woman who is rent ship to others. Don't just rent it yet. All you have to do now is fishing. Go to the sea water IN FRONT of the ship-renting-woman. There do some fishing until you catch up Blue-Striped Fish.

Catch it as many as you can. One of it worth 2000+ coins. Now, go to the East Town and go into Kirby's Diner. Just give him one of the Blue-striped fish and make him cook for you.

Frank Adventure 3 Free Download

The remaining? Just sell them to gain money until your coins reach up to 7500+ Now, while you're in the East Town, meet up with a girl who said: My favorites dish is Blue-Striped-Grunt-Meal. Remember the one that you ask Kirby to cook? Give the meal to her. And she will reward you with one-of-her girlfriend pic.

4)By now i estimated that you already collected 7500+ coins. So rent the ship from that woman earlier. Get in to the ship and head to south until you arrive to a place where you actually can dock the ship. Assuming that you already arrived there, find yourself a soothing herbs and a spade. Back to ship, and head back to the main island (to the north).

There find a dead cat tombstone (search every bushes. Hint: Near the brigde). Use to spade to dig out the dead cat. Head yourself to a shop called Voodoo Shop. Give the shop owner the soothing herbs. Then she thanks to you by granting you one wish.

Give her the dead cat. And the cat then will be brought back to life. Meet up with a girl that says that she lost her cat which has already died. Give back the cat that previously had been brought back to life. She thanks to you by giving her private pic.

(She near the Amusement Centre) That already 5 pics. Now the final pic. Which is the hardest to get. 5)Go a meet with Professor Zock. He is in the Amusement Centre. You must win the Monkey Dude mini-game with points greater than 20,880,630,240 It took me almost one whole hour to try again-and-again until reaches the points of 1,082,473,679,260.

I know that insane. But trust me you can do it too. Finish with that, you get yourself the last pic.

Now how to upload the pics you already had to the aliens. A)Met up with a woman at the nearby field (soccer field?) (Hint: West Town and she's wearing kimonos) b)She'll tell you to go to a statue made of stone. And then, she'll tell you to click the statue's right eye. C)Find that statue which located just north of the Voodoo Shop.

D)Click the statue's right eye and then you can upload your pics there. Oh, after finish uploading the pics to the aliens, they (the aliens) will reward you with a. Well finish it yourself to know that.;) The aliens give you a bigger penis and the monkey game isnt that hard. Response to 2004-04-21 15:31:46 At 4/21/04 10:44 AM, mentalis wrote: At 4/20/04 07:26 PM, Mysterio-619 wrote: At 4/20/04 06:44 PM, mentalis wrote: I tried to beat that monkey game for over 2 hours and got blasted every time. How do you beat that blasted thing?!?!?!?!When you get 100,000 points quit the game and talk to the prof. Did you do that?I have yet to get above 50,000.

The blasted monkey can't get to jump correctly. Lol yeah, his jumping gets on my nerves try this when you miss a loop go back and go through it so you get more points. Response to 2004-04-23 18:42:17 Thanks to Mysterio-619 for the walk-through - very useful and appreciated! I loved Franks Adventure, but it was too easy. Franks Adventure 2 was a lot better (and a lot more insane - Donkey Kong was so random and funny!) and it took longer to complete. I haven't played Franks Adventure 3 for very long because I've been busy over the past few days, but I did have a go for a about fiteen minutes, but had to go and do something more important, sadly.


(I got as far as collection two photos and collected quite a lot of money through fishing and selling the fish.) Will have another go later following Mysterio-619's guide. Will take a long time to download though because I'm using a shit computer at the moment with a connection speed of 1.92KBS (and it's a 4MB download)!!

Our little robot is back, still walking straight forward, this time in a cimetery. It looks like someone is taking a twisted pleasure in putting Frank in the most strange places, with the hope to get rid of him. Therefore, once more, you have to help him. This time, the concept is different. There is only one route possible.

The items that can be used in the image are interactive even if Frank is not close to these, but. The pointer does not change when you go over them! It means that you cannot directly recognize them and that you have to try all! Take care of the timing: If you click too early on an object to be used, it does not work, and if too late, you miss!

Small hint: The interactive items are not black like the rest. As usual, you have several lives available so that you can try all to find the right solution.