Install Ralus Agent Backup Exec 12.5

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When this setting is used, it is typically useful to increase the same setting on the Backup Exec Media Server's sgmon logging tool. This is done in sgmon by going to the Tools/Settings menu. Then select the 'Job Engine & Remote Agent' setting in the right hand pane of the window. Then change the Engine NDMP debug level and Remote Agent NDMP debug level to the 'Verbose logging' setting. Again, this greatly increases the size of the debug logs at the media server and should be reset to the default of Log NDMP errors after the debug logging session has completed.

Backup exec 12.5 for windows servers

Step by step installation of the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux. This step is followed until BE 12.5. RALUS will check and install the following rpms on. Solved: Dear All Please advise me how I can install Backup Exec 12.5 Agent on Linux ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 ) and to backup Oracle. How To Install Backup Exec 12.5 Remote Agent Manually. To a Remote Agent for Linux Servers (RALUS) installation in Backup Exec. Article: TECH185802.


Backup Exec 12.5 For Windows Servers

Hi, To download the RALUS for v 12 you will need to go to and put in the serial number of the RALUS or infact any v12 product that you have. Once you put in a v 12 serial number you will automatically be redirected to the v 12 downloads. What is the version of the old RALUS? If it is 10d or 11d it should directly be upgraded i.e just run the v12 RALUS installation and it will upgrade the old agent. Lastly, Fedora Core is not a supported OS for RALUS. I have seen it working fine in fedora core installations but there is no guarantee.