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If you deal with properties and specially renting it out for a short or longer term, then you must be using rent receipts on regular basis. A lot of commercial agents required a professional receipt format in order to present it to their customers and/or to use it officially for government correspondence. If you are a landlord or an official broker to one or more landlords, then it is really worthy to download following rent receipt template to use whenever it is required or needed by the situation. As per legal requirement, all tenants have the right to demand for an official rent receipt from the landlord whenever they pay their monthly or annual rent.

  1. Free Printable Rent Receipt Template

Looking for a printable rent receipt template? Our sample receipt for rent form will allow you to collect or pay your rent with a peace of mind. Download a free Rent Receipt Template for Microsoft Excel. Easily customize and print a Rent Receipt for your tenants.


In such situation, it is really useful for any landlord to quickly print it using a professionally designed rent receipt template. This receipt template is created using Microsoft Word so that even a normal PC user can easily create professional receipts quickly and effectively. There might come up situations that can cause embarrassment for landlords if they can’t produce professional rent receipts quickly and without much of their efforts. So it would be a wise decision to keep a collection of professional and easy to edit rent receipt templates. It is quite common to have a conflict between landlord and tenants on past rent payments specially in the case of monthly payments.

Such conflicts are mostly resolved by looking at past rent receipts signed by landlord with or without their official stamp. Court of law will also demand such receipts from tenants if case is put up there for legal action. If tenant failed to present an official rent receipt then court might order for a payment considering that rent not paid. This proves as how important it is to demand rent receipts from landlords no matter how trust worthy relationship you are enjoying with him.

Free rent receipt template

Here is preview of our own created Rent Receipt Template using Microsoft Word, Important Information on Rent Receipts: Here is a list of key informational elements that every rent receipt must have;. Date of Payment. Time Period of Payment. Amount.

Landlord Name (or Company Name). Tenant Name or Paid By. Address of Property being rented. Landlord Signature with or without company stamp In case, landlord offers online rent receipts and tenant would like to pay through credit cards, please make sure this receipt is signed with digital signatures and can easily be verifiable. In such cases, usually at the spot printing is available to send receipt directly to your printer once you processed the payment.

Free Printable Rent Receipt Template

Please make sure your printer is in fully working conditions before you start the payment process. Finally, it is really important for all tenants to keep all rent receipts in a secure place and in order so that it should be easy to retrieve a receipt (any month) quickly and without spending much of their time. Also, keep it safe so that it shouldn’t be damaged with the passage of time or during shifting from one place to another. Here is download link for the above shown Rent Receipt Template, Related Word Templates.