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  2. Aug 15, 2015 My top 10 favorite custom maps in Left 4 Dead 2 from the steam workshop. Credit to all the creators of these maps. Like and sub for more. Let me know if.

STEAM WORKSHOP LINKS FOR 5 APOCALYPSE MAPS.UPD 12/4/15. Death Toll APOCALYPSE 2: No Mercy APOCALYPSE 2: Blood Harvest APOCALYPSE 2: Crash Course APOCALYPSE 2: Blood Woods APOCALYPSE 2: These are now in our Steam Workshop. Head over there or grab them all here. Grab all 5 apocalypse maps, then load up No Mercy APOCALYPSE 2 on our servers and play them all in a row! Dead Air has not been redone, but Blood Woods is a great fill in until it is. All maps by ROMBU.

Aug 16, 2015 My top 10 favorite custom maps in Left 4 Dead 2 from the steam workshop. Credit to all the creators of these maps.

Dastardly good fun fellow hunters!.UPD 12/4/15. Last version of goanna's Stenches campaign.NEW 10/17/15. Dead Air Modified 6.0: Here is the version of the map with a working link to gamemaps.com.


This version WILL NOT work with workshop or gmaemaps.com version. Link in this map takes a player to this site.

But this map WORKS!!!.NEW 8/10/15. Blood Hospital 2: Ahhhh, it seems like such a long time since I went to the General Hospitale! All the L4D2 goodies and the link goes to gamemaps.com. Love aka Tanky Wanky! Deadly Ending: Map is available at l4dmaps.com.

VALVE UPDATED - 9 maps needed posters, outrotitles, and conflicting sounds and models/materials cleaned up: Dead Vacation, Reverse Blood Harvest/No Mercy, Death Pull (daytime Death Toll), Belle Fire 2, Breakline, Bloody Sunday, and Dead Destination. DELETE THEM ALL. THERE ARE ALSO SEVERAL MAPS AND ADDONS/SKINS FROM l4dmaps.com that have issues. Check your ADDONS list in your main menu to figure out which ones they are (they will be highlighted in red).

Updates on our maps coming! OTHER NEW MAPS LISTED JUST BELOW - SCROLL DOWN. Left For Dead 2/L4D2 uses VPK files for its campaigns. Our VPKs usually have any and all versus content removed. To install, use 7-zip and un-7-zip in to your Steam Left 4 Dead 2 'addons' folder: For x32 Windows (32 bit) - C: Program Files Steam SteamApps common left 4 dead 2 left4dead 2 addons (C: drive if that's where you install your games) For x64 Windows (64 bit) - C: Program Files (x86) Steam SteamApps common left 4 dead 2 left4dead 2 addons (C: drive if that's where you install your games) Make sure to check your addons folder for multiple copies of the same map.

(nomercyv1.vpk, nomercyv2.vpk) If you find files with the same name or different version numbers, delete all but the newest versions. To make all your addons work with Steams/Valves constant updates that do nothing but crash Left 4 Dead 2, we suggest removing all but the newest addons. If you are using mods/addons and can't join a regular game. Start the game, click Extras, and uncheck all the addon maps/skins except the map you are playing. Or just rename your addons folder (example: XXaddons), then change it back to play the maps your addons/skins work with. Enjoy everyone!

Download smaller 7-zipped versions of Cold Case and Cold Case: The Forsaken. Everything Cold Case: All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: Install your own modded server on your home PC: All melee weapons, every map, our servers, 4 kb.UPD 1/16/13. Black City v4: Fixed finale so vehicle leaves. Now all 5 maps available (REALLY)!.UPD 1/14/13.

Pitch Black Mesa L4D2: Updated with crowbars and a magnum or two. Fixed a few decals and one model. Can you feel the magic Gordon Freeman! Few weapons, limited ammo = HARD. Explore EVERYWHERE. Wussies need not download.NEW 12/30. Stargate SG v2: This version still links to l4dmaps.com version.

This IS the version for L4D2. Fixes the invisible radio you need to activate in map 3 that is on the corner table in saferoom.UPD 12/30. Jungle Urban Crisis v7: Jungle Crisis, the Fly Gabe campaign, Agony of Mankind, and Dead On Time 2 make up this 6 map extravaganza!.NEW 12/9. Urban Underground: Links for this map started Fixed so others can download map and play with you. Download link still points to l4dmaps.com. Added OutroTitle (used Deadline2) which was missing too.

Cleaned up mission file completely.UPD 12/9. Ruination: Our link on this site was dead lol.

All links in this map were dead. Updated so others can download map and play with you.UPD 11/27.

Precinct 84 v1: This is the first version where the gas station can blow up. Previous version on the site had conflicting mission file with the 2nd version.UPD 11/27.

Whispers In The Dark: This one had bad links from our update and needed to have the sound files cached/updated. Should be good to go now.UPD 11/9.

Blood Harvest Cool: Fixed panic events. This will work on all servers now, not just ours. Keep either this one on or BH 3.NEW 11/3. Dead On Time 2: FINALLY - WORKING!.UPD 10/28. Bayside Genocide: This one combines the 4 decent maps from Escape From Bayside with Zombie Genocide and its 2 map quickie w/finale deal. Not a bad 6 mapper - UPDATED TODAY 4x's - sorry all.NEW 10/21.

Drop Dead 2: Quick little 2 mapper.NEW 10/21. Field Of The Dead: Another quick little 2 map campaign. Pretty sure this one has a finale too.

Left 4 Bowl: Fixed texture and model errors - this one is short and sweet, 3 maps in all.NEW 10/21. Undead Zone This one had no download link in the mission file for those to grab the map to join your game. Playable with the version from l4dmaps.com.NEW 10/10.

Left 4 dead maps free download

Left 4 Dead Maps Download

Infierno Another superb map from the author of Quedan 4x Morir, Son Gouki.UPD 10/2. Zombie Blackout v3: Fixed some decals and a map change. Black Out meets Fright Train and Zombie Movie Without A Name!!

Disable Without A Name. Delete Blackout Extended and Fright Train.

Map is perfect now:).UPD 9/26. Dead Industry: Fixed massive lag at the end of map 1. Loading image is fixed now. Super hard 5 map campaign from L4D1.NEW 9/20. I Hate Mountains L4D1: Had a request for this one. Made it L4D2 survivors.NEW 9/4. Heartbreak Fridge: This one had glitchy Crash Course vehicle all over map one.


Link to download map didn't work either. Updated and link will get the working map here!.NEW 6/5. Road To Nowhere L4D1/2: 6 maps of nowhere fun. First three maps from L4D1, the last 3 from the latest L4D2 version. UPD 5/13. You Are Doomed L4D2:.NEW 4/20.

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Army of Darkness FIXED - DISABLE WHEN NOT PLAYING:.NEW 4/11. Unreal Tournament L4D2:.UPD 4/2. Death Toilet Maze:.NEW 3/19. Left 4 Dust:.NEW 3/8. Dead 4 Life: Let us clear the air everyone. Full credit for all maps goes to their original authors. Valve's SDK is open source, and proprietary to Valve.


We can make the maps playable by adding Valve's very own files to them and host them for download on our game servers and this website. All we have to do is credit the author. That has ALWAYS been done. Look inside the VPK. Check this link for verification of this.