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There's a user manual on our website,, under Support. But, the user manual right on the Meep is probably actually better. The online FAQ, also under support, has some information about music and video files, look under Reading Files on your Meep. The files will need to be in the formats specified at the bottom of the page. Most people will put the files onto a microSD card and just have the Meep 'read' them rather than actually install them on the Meep because space is somewhat limited on the Meep and music and videos files are one thing that can be used by way of the microSD.

  1. In the initial production MEEP!s the first OTA needs to be initiated by the user. You will be able to upgrade the software online, via OTA (Over-The-Air).
  2. View and Download Oregon Scientific MEEP quick start manual online. MEEP Tablet pdf manual download.

There are also ways to stream music on the Meep through GooglePlay- video streaming is possible, but we're still working out some challenges on that one. It's not quite drag-and-drop, but it's pretty easy. Check out the online FAQ for step-by-step. You may also want to join us over at Facebook (look for Meep Tablet US), where many of our users have found many options to play music and video on their Meeps and could probably share some helpful stories. Usually if you can't get off the loading circle, we suggest reboot, reset, and then contact our call center (they usually will set up to replace it). For the update, how far in is it getting?

It sounds like you were able to download the Ota to a computer and then transfer to SD. Did you then tap the Ota App icon on the Meep for 'Mac/PC' method to complete the installation? If so, did it send back a message (no update available, parsing error, can't find package?) or does it just not seem to update without any actual error message? If you are able to try the USB cable, that may work better than the SD card. Or, it's possible a factory reset will resolve the issues. Please feel free to message a serial# and we can assist further. Click to expand.Hi David, I'm sorry for the delay in response.

There are two things you can try for the stuck-loading issue, which are reboot and reset. I know you have tried both, but sometimes it works to try each method several times in a row. If you still are stuck, then this is considered a hardware issue and there is no known remedy. The company does not have advice on your last point about the operating system nor do I know anyone who has tried it on their own. My best suggestion is to continue to contact OSI.



I'm not sure which email you are trying, but you might want to try the following: Australia: 1300 300 155 Email (AUS and NZL): The contacts I have for Asia are for distributors, but they may also be able to assist in your region: Lastly, you can always contact the USA center and tell them where you are located and they can then perhaps provide you with a contact: One other thought. Outside of the USA in most cases all issues go back through the retailer, so you may have the best success contacting the store where you purchased it and going through them.

Over-The-Air update is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and tablets. Wireless carriers have traditionally used over-the-air updates to deploy firmware and configure phones for use on their networks. The initialization of a newly purchased phone, for example, requires an over-the-air update. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, carriers and manufacturers have also turned to over-the-air updates for deploying new operating systems to these devices.

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There is no ota icon showing here on my meep tablet so how can i download and set up parent portal?