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Game Profile. Publisher: Rebellion. Release year: 2012. Tags: Shooter. Game modes: SinglePlayer Thanks to the X-Ray Kill Cam, you can watch your bullet leaving the gun barrel, paving its way to the body of your enemy, blowing through his teeth, torning his organs and eventually splintering his bones. In order to excel in the missions, Sniper Elite V2 demands a skillfull proceding, composing a mixture of dexterity, patience and cunning. Thematically you are witnesssing the end of World War II in Berlin.

Sniper Elite V2 v1.13 (+5 Trainer) [HoG]. Request a new password if you have an account on the old Program do czyszczenia komputera cleaner. Download - Sniper Elite V2 v1.13 - Trainer +5: You can find also 26495 trainers, cheat files, faqs, editor, walkthrough, unlimited lives, hints, news, God Mode, All. Sniper Elite V2 +13 trainer for PC and supports STEAM.

In the role of the American elite-shooter Karl Fairburne, you are obliged to prevent the technology of the V-2 rocket program of the Nazis getting into the hands of the Red Army. Including the help of the original weapons and by performing a cracked and covert approach you will help affable scientists to emigrate in the United States. But those who work for Russia, will be eliminated! It is typical for Sniper Elite V2 that you will often be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea: Will you choose the location for the perfect shot, and thus give up your coverage? Or do you rather provide an escape path and renounce a brilliant shooting position? The choice is yours.

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Features:. Interact with your environment and set the final shot. Discover the possibilities of the Kill-Cam technology. Original vehicles, uniforms, and weapons. Extremely realistic sniper simulation. Experience Berlin during the second world war Be a sneaky Sniper and pick up the Sniper Elite V2 Trainer It is completely clear that you want to demonstrate your enemies what an extraordinaire sniper you are.


One Cheat of our MegaTrainer provides you at least with the possibility to fire as many bullets as you want - without reloading your peacemaker. In addition to the infinite ammo clip the Sniper Elite V2 Trainer grants you with immortality.

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Whenever you fall on hard times, simply activate the God mode. Now you only have to fire to a fare-thee-well. Finally, you pull the trigger all the way! Common MegaTrainer hints. This Sniper Elite V2 trainer was created with and for the SinglePlayer of the German/European original version. Which Sniper Elite V2 cheats are available for which gameversion, is shown in the details of each cheat.

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Sometimes are not all cheats available for all game-versions!. So called Premium-Cheats (marked with a hint that you need a special membership instead of the key combination) are only available if you own the necessary for these cheats. If the cheats of our Sniper Elite V2 trainer won't work for you in SinglePlayer, please visit our or use our. The supported Sniper Elite V2 versions are assigned to the matching downloads. For some a is necessary.