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The news page here on hasn’t seen much action in a while. About the Collector’s Edition Black-edged, soft-touch hardcover. Visual Boy Advance is an emulator that will let you play games for Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advanced and Super Game Boy Nintendo portable consoles on your computer.

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Visual Boy Advance is an emulator that will let you play games for Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advanced and Super Game Boy Nintendo portable consoles on your computer. This Game Boy emulator brings features to enhance the gaming experience. The Cheat Mode is one of the favourites for the majority of players, as it allows discovering hidden tricks in games. It also brings a screen capturer that offers the possibility of recording our game sessions in a video. Visual Boy Advance has a variety of other features including ability to support battery saves and save states each of which have a handy folder and the ability to handle cheats and still run the game well. It also offers users control over window size, sound and emulation speed.

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Visualboyadvance Collector`s Edition

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I was just watching The Last Of Us Collector's Edition trailer wondering what's the appeal in paying extra for a comic book, poster, wallpapaer, skins and nonsense extras? I can totally understand interest in a game's soundtrack or the 'making of a game' documentary. What do you do with the posters, controller skins, wallpapers, comic books and game figurines months after launch once the hype dies down? Adi 1986 xp drivers. Once you beat the game (usually within the 1st few days of purchase) and websites start having 'ending spoilers' discussions and the whole game is posted on wiki, where is the value in these extras?

Visual Boy Advance Emulator

Most Collector's Editions I've seen look nothing more than a quick cash grab based off of hype. I'm curious to hear from people who buy Collector's Editions to know what is the value and appeal in this. Isn't the game and soundtrack enough? Only if it's heavily discounted shortly after launch because no one bought it (or they printed too many 'limited' editions) - Dead Rising 2, Alan Wake, and Halo 3 come to mind. Collectors editions are generally the most shameless of cash grabs and I refuse to support them. They started out as $10 increases over the regular edition, with maybe a steel case and a cheaply printed artbook or soundtrack. All great for the publisher, of course, as that $10 is almost pure profit as the actual materials cost is less than a buck.

Now we have $20+ editions full of garbage and insane, ridiculous monstrosities like the cat or helghast helmets, Skyrim's kind of ugly (but really expensive) statuette, Duke's bust, not to mention terrible things like Call of Duty's shoddy infared goggles or remote control car. It seems to work, though - charge a premium for a bunch of useless crap and gamers will eat it up as it has a slight air of exclusivity. (as a confession, I am guilty of buying the Forza collector's editions, myself, which was a bad habit I ended with Horizon). It honestly depends on the game and the quality of the limited edition. I still remember lusting over Japan's limited editions and first print bonuses, as it wasn't long ago none of that existed in the states. Like everything however, it went from unique pre-order bonuses and other packages to cashing in on overpriced hard stock, audio cd's and other unenthralling merchandise. When it isn't the standard cash in and includes something genuinely creative, I may bite given it's a title I'm genuinely interested in.

While I have two collector's editions, I only bought one myself, World at War. It came with a piece of the Berlin Wall which I thought was cool to have and representative of the Cold War of which I lived the majority of my life under. WhiteKnight77 I can certainly understand something having sentimental value like that. With Collector's ditions like The Last Of Us, it just seems like ND was wondering how many tangible products can they incorporate Ellie's face on and sell it? A freaking canvas wrap? I had to seriously lol at that one.